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September 14, 2005

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Jr. Gong's New Album Released

September 14, 2005 08:19:06 GMT

Damian Marley, the son of reggae icon Bob Marley, has had his new album "Welcome To Jamrock" released Tuesday, September 13th. In companion with that, the so-called "Jr. Gong" also announces a 24-city fall tour, beginning November 3rd in Saint Petersburg, Florida and culminating on December 6th in Norfolk, Virginia.
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Dylan Boycott

September 14, 2005 08:01:21 GMT

Music retailer HMV Canada has removed all of Bob Dylan's music from its shelves. Not without reason, but the chain was angered by the singer's 18-month deal with Seattle-based coffee giant Starbucks to exclusively sell his new album, "Bob Dylan: Live at the Gaslight 1962," in its stores. The album already went on sale Aug. 30 at Starbucks' 4,600 shops in the United States and Canada and will not be released to other sales outlets for 18 months. Thus, HMV said it would not return Dylan's albums to its shelves until the Starbucks' window runs out.
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All That Santana Set Free

September 14, 2005 07:35:35 GMT

The long awaited release of new Santana album, "All That I Am," outs November 1st on Arista Records. The album's lead single "I'm Feeling You" reuniting the guitarist with Michelle Branch, who wrote the song with John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi.
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Chesney & Friends at the 39th Annual CMA Awards

September 14, 2005 07:13:30 GMT

Country Music Association's 39th annual CMA Awards is scheduled for Nov. 15 at New York's Madison Square Garden. Among other nominees, Brad Paisley and Lee Ann Womack are the leading noms with 6 nominations each.
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"The Longest Yard" Tops UK Box Office

September 14, 2005 06:44:48 GMT

"The Longest Yard," a comedy drama about a group of prison inmates who form a football team to challenge their guards, tops UK box office on its weekend debut with 1.3 million, pushes aside last week's number one, "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" to 2nd with 999,000. Also down one at number three is "Red Eye," taking slightly more than 2m in two weeks.
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German Supermodel Klum Has Baby

September 14, 2005 06:24:45 GMT

German supermodel Heidi Klum has given birth to a baby boy, her first child with pop star husband Seal. Named Henry, the baby was born in the early hours of Tuesday morning and weighed in 8-pound.
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Irish Leading Men Fall for Seraphim

September 14, 2005 05:51:24 GMT

Here is another new release that will inundate film production, "Seraphim Falls." The film, put and funded by Icon films, is due to start shooting in mid October. It was written by Abbey Everett Jaques and David Von Ancken, who will direct as well.
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The Brothers Director Is Back with Tideland

September 14, 2005 05:03:01 GMT

One more new film you could note as an additional preference on what worth-to-watch at the cinema. "Tideland" of director Terry Gilliam may be a good option for you concerning its interesting story and casts.
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Trust Fox's Man

September 14, 2005 04:37:15 GMT

Comedy-drama "Trust the Man" of writer-director Bart Freundlich has been nabbed by Fox Searchlight in a $6 million-$7 million deal within hours of its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival Monday. The film division snatched North American rights and a long list of international territories, including France, Germany, Japan and Mexico.
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Fictional Horror "Venom"

September 14, 2005 04:12:31 GMT

In companion to the many new release films, Miramax is releasing "Venom." It is about a voodoo-crazed serial killer, depicts murder and mayhem in the Louisiana swamps a few weeks after Hurricane Katrina brought real death and destruction to the region.
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Adam Resurrection

September 14, 2005 03:53:14 GMT

Last month Ehud Bleiberg announced his new production and sales company he co-founded. Now that time goes by his company is ready to out a new project, called "Adam Resurrected," for which Bleiberg has signed on Paul Schrader to direct.
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It's All About Moore's Men

September 14, 2005 03:37:05 GMT

Bruce Willis is about to team up with his ex-wife Demi Moore's man Ashton Kutcher on TV this autumn for cameo roles in sitcom "That '70s Show." He will play a shady security boss who interviews Kutcher for a bouncer's job.
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The Mystery in Hollywood Hills Solved

September 14, 2005 03:22:27 GMT

Warner Bros. Pictures has appointed Jerry Weintraub to produce the soon on-screen "Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills." The Andrew Fleming direction centers its story on Nancy Drew who accompanies her father on a business trip to Los Angeles, and she stumbles on evidence about a long-unsolved crime involving the death of a movie star.
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Gruffudd Saying Grace

September 14, 2005 03:03:22 GMT

The life of British anti-slavery pioneer William Wilberforce has touched actor Ioan Gruffudd that he's signed on to portray the hero in the upcoming film, "Amazing Grace." The film chronicles Wilberforce's 18th century political career, which placed him at odds with some of the most powerful men of the time, including the king.
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Peebles Cuts the Wood

September 14, 2005 02:43:42 GMT

The "Yellow Wood" instead of frightening Mario Van Peebles, it tends to draw his interest and curiosity. Thus, he has signed on to direct the mystery thriller, which Stephen J. Cannell is producing for Spyglass Entertainment.