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August 03, 2005

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Mad Miller Carrying Law's Baby

August 03, 2005 09:36:56 GMT

In the thick of heavy reports and/or rumors focusing on their broken engagement, actress Sienna Miller is reportedly six weeks pregnant with estranged fiance Jude Law's child. American magazine Star claims the couple informed their parents the happy news just two days before revelations Law had an affair with his children's nanny emerged.
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The Stones Invited Metallica

August 03, 2005 09:10:45 GMT

Heavy metal band Metallica has revealed in an email sent to fan club members on Tuesday that The Rolling Stones invited them last week to open the November 13 and 15 shows for a hometown crowd at SBC Park. And so, the band will surely open both of the Stones' San Francisco shows in November, which additional opening act will be announced shortly, and the start time has been moved up one hour to 6 p.m. PT..
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Kidman Prepares the Invasion of the Body Snatchers

August 03, 2005 08:57:10 GMT

Aussie based actress Nicole Kidman is preparing her next project, which is to play a Washington psychiatrist in the sci-fi thriller "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" who discovers that its origins are extraterrestrial. The movie focuses on a mysterious epidemic that alters the behavior of human beings. She must fight to protect her son, who may hold the key to stopping the invasion.
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Garner & Affleck Dare the 2nd Devil

August 03, 2005 08:34:34 GMT

As they're waiting for their first child to be born, newlyweds Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have planned to star in "Daredevil 2" together. Their willingness to revisit the action thriller after their child delivered this autumn is revealed by Jen as she said, "Ben says it's in the early stages, but he is hopeful. It would be fun to work together, not to mention convenient."
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Liu Takes Double

August 03, 2005 05:02:11 GMT

Lucy Liu will take the seat as the executive producer and also the star of "Charlie Chan." Focusing its story on the granddaughter of the fictional Chinese-American detective, the project will be written in an updated version by Dan McDermott. "It's a reinvention of the franchise that credibly passes on the baton to Lucy Liu as the lead character and lead of the franchise," McDermott commented.
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Carey To Be at VMA

August 03, 2005 04:42:32 GMT

American Diva Mariah Carey, along with The Killers, confirms to perform at MTV Video Music Awards which will be held on August 28. She and The Killers thus add the name list of the event's performers that have been previously announced, such as Kanye West, Green Day and Kelly Clarkson.
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Mission Accomplished

August 03, 2005 04:18:43 GMT

Celebrated guitarist Carlos Santana appeared in Hiroshima on August 2, holding a concert to mark the 60th anniversary of the atomic bomb attack of the city. Considering the concert as a "mission to ignite peace," he told the audiences that he was honored to be there and to be of service with his music. "We want to give birth to a world with peace in our lifetime," he said in earnest.
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Franz Ferdinand Could Have It So Much Better

August 03, 2005 03:55:24 GMT

Scottish rock band Franz Ferdinand finally fix to rename its second album "You Could Have It So Much Better ... With Franz Ferdinand." Initially intended to be a self-titled album, it stays to the plan for international release on October 3 and North America by the next day.
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Phair Unveiled New Tracks

August 03, 2005 03:25:34 GMT

Performing at Joe's Pub in New York on Monday, Liz Phair revealed three tracks from her upcoming album, "Somebody's Miracle." Backed up by guitarist Dino Meneghin, Phair sang "Table for One", "Everything to Me", and "Closer to You."
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The Massacre Reloaded

August 03, 2005 03:00:28 GMT

50 Cent aims to re-release "The Massacre" on September 6 after it previously succeeded to score 6 million copies worldwide sale. This "new" album contains a video for every track along with a remix version of "Outta Control."