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May 07, 2005

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Elvis will in Any Way Imaginable

May 07, 2005 04:55:08 GMT

Elvis Presley will in just about any way imaginable. This month a network TV miniseries and special, a book, a DVD and three albums devoted to the life and music of the King of Rock 'n' Roll will hit the marketplace. Soon after, a Broadway musical featuring Presley's songs will also be released.

Marking the release of Elvis product, in Elvis By the Presleys, a CBS special airing May 13, Priscilla Presley says of her late ex-husband's relationship with his fans, "It was almost like a love affair."
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Hewitt & Fiancee Expecting First Baby

May 07, 2005 04:40:15 GMT

The No. 2-ranked tennis player in the world Lleyton Hewitt and his Australian soap opera actress fiancee Rebecca Cartwright are expecting their first baby. The good news has primary mentioned by the Seven television network, which airs Cartwright's soap opera, in which it claimed the actress was three months' pregnant.

Confirming the pregnancy, Cartwright's publicist Amanda Fry said Friday "Their respective families are delighted with the wonderful news," which is also acknowledged by Hewitt's manager Rob Aivatoglou. A wedding date has not been announced, but the pair have reportedly purchased a multimillion dollar home along one of Sydney's northern beaches.
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Gyllenhaal Romantically Linked to Catalina Sandino

May 07, 2005 04:31:30 GMT

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been romantically linked to Oscar-nominated actress, Catalina Sandino Moreno, after he was spotted with the beauty at trendy New York night club Bungalow 8.

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Bloom Romancing American MTV VJ ???

May 07, 2005 04:18:10 GMT

Actor Orlando Bloom, who has been single since splitting from actress Kate Bosworth in January after a two-year romance, has recently been spotted hugging American MTV VJ Vanessa Minnillo in a New York nightclub, only hours after appearing on her TRL show to promote his new film "Kingdom of Heaven." Is he dating her??? Don't speculate, just see the fact.

After flirting with Minnillo on TRL on Wednesday, both of them partied at the Manhattan nightspot Gypsy Tea until the early hours of May 5 morning. A source tells New York Daily News, "They were whispering to each other, touching each other, and dirty-dancing all night." So what would you say now?!
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Anderson Ends Her Romace with Dorff

May 07, 2005 04:02:49 GMT

Pamela Anderson is reportedly ended her five-month romance with movie hunk Stephen Dorff. British newspaper The Sun writes Pam has already separated from the 31-year-old actor at the end of last month because she felt the relationship didn't have a future.

Despite the split, the two, indeed, still good friends, so a reconciliation is still possible, an insider said. A friend explained "Pam and Stephen had a great time together, but it didn't seem to be going anywhere. There was no big argument, it just fizzled out naturally. They're still on friendly terms. But Pam's priorities are always her two sons Brandon and Dylan and she's got her hands full looking after them."
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Jimmy Fallon To Host the 2005 MTV Movie Awards

May 07, 2005 03:53:32 GMT

MTV executive producer Joel Gallen has, with some strong evidences, unveiled that they want Jimmy Fallon to host the 2005 MTV Movie Awards, which are set to tape June 4 and air June 9. Further Gallen mentioned "Jimmy makes the MTV Movie Awards better. He's funny, he's original, and his enthusiasm is contagious. He's already emailed me tons of ideas and we can't wait to get started."

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Chris Tucker is Ready for "Rush Hour 3"

May 07, 2005 03:34:52 GMT

"Variety" has reported actor Chris Tucker is close to signing a two-picture, $40 million deal with New Line Cinema that will finally put the wheels in motion for "Rush Hour 3." The similar news also reported in a March issue of the New Yorker who wrote that Tucker will get a $20 million-plus payday for "Rush Hour 3," plus 20 percent of the receipts.

Aside from Tucker who still close to signing, his co-star for the movie previous episodes, Jackie Chan, has already signed on for "Rush Hour 3" and stands to earn about $20 million, per Variety. To notice, the third edition of "Rush Hour" is scheduled to begin production later this year in Los Angeles and Paris.
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Johansson Quits "Mission: Impossible" Sequel

May 07, 2005 03:18:50 GMT

Scarlett Johansson and Carrie-Anne Moss have both decided to quit the second "Mission: Impossible" sequel because of ongoing delays. The two actresses are actually slated to team up with Tom Cruise in "M:I 3." Unfortunately, the movie director JJ Abrams has a scheduling problems around the film's script.

Because of that Abrams has to reluctantly let them go. He tells website About.com, "The script was rewritten. I'm a huge fan of each actor that they cast originally, but to have kept the actors when we are reinventing the story would have been an odd process. To say, write a script with these people in mind for characters that haven't been written,' just felt like we had to start over with a clean slate."
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Osbourne has Been Diagnosed with Parkin Syndrome

May 07, 2005 03:01:05 GMT

The former Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne has been diagnosed with Parkin Syndrome, because of which he will have to take daily medication for the rest of his life to battle the involuntary tremble. The rocker was firstly diagnosed with the disease in 2003, after he complained his tremors were "practically destroying (his) life".

He, at first, thought his body shakes were caused by a lifetime of drug abuse, until doctors voiced he has inherited the condition from his relatives. This was later strengthen by his sisters, who at the end revealed that his mother, aunty, and grandmother had had the same disease with him.
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Foxy Brown Refused Nail Plea Deal

May 07, 2005 02:45:38 GMT

Rap diva Foxy Brown has refused an offer from prosecutors to settle charges stemming from a dispute at Manhattan's Bloomie Nails last August, in which she was accused of hitting Myoung Yi, an employe there and hitting a manager, Sun Ji Song, causing "bruising and swelling to the face, as well as substantial pain." The deal offered to the star during her appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court, would have involved no jail time or probation in exchange for her to cop to reduced charges.

Yet, Brown rejected it in reason that she isn't guilty. Thus her lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, said his client wasn't interested in any resolution that involved her admitting to a crime. Also he underscored "the offer, a plea to a misdemeanor with no jail time, was "normally a good one, but she's not guilty." And so, Brown is scheduled for next court appearance for July 28, 2005.
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P. Diddy & MTV to Launch TV Talent Search

May 07, 2005 02:33:39 GMT

Sean P. Diddy Combs is preparing to launch his next reality TV talent search for all-girl group for the second season of "Making the Band 3." "Get ready for the next season of `Making the Band,' 'cause believe me, we're gonna make a band," Combs said in a statement.

The hip hop star will continue his search for contestants to compete against three returning cast members. Production will begin with open call auditions starting later this month in New York. Participants of the search are judged on their dancing ability, vocal talent, star power and willingness to be part of a group and those who don't meet Diddy's standards will be eliminated.