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March 26, 2005

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$100,000 for Lunch with Hatcher

March 26, 2005 04:41:04 GMT

"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher has offered bidder in an auction to benefit the Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation held at The Beverly Hilton hotel on March 24, 2005 a "plus" lunch. The actress was on stage to encourage the auctioneer move the original offering of lunch for four, plus Hatcher and her co-star Jamie Denton who she promised will rub the shoulders of any woman at this lunch with them. Closed the auction, which was part of an evening paying tribute to the charity's chairman emeritus, director Steven Spielberg, at $100,000, Hatcher promised "It will be the best lunch of your life. I will make sure of it."
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P. Diddy New Business

March 26, 2005 04:15:51 GMT

P. diddy has had and done anything at his 35, but not yet with auto parts business. It was announced on March 24, 2005 at the New York International Auto Show that the hip-hop musician's Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group has signed a 50-50 join forces with Kansas City's Weld Wheel Industries Inc. to produce a new line of custom, precision-forged aluminum rims for sports trucks, luxury SUVs and high-end American- and German-made automobiles.
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Bow Wow's Fans Contest

March 26, 2005 03:51:04 GMT

Young rapper Bow Wow is holding a fans contest dubbed "Wanted: Bow Wow's Biggest Fan" contest where he will choose top ten fans to be involved on the DVD portion of his new album. Contestants who want to join in must be 13 or older and submit a 30 second video proving why they are his biggest fan. The ten most original clips will then be put on the DVD disc that accompanies his next album, "Wanted," due out June 28. More details on the contest can be found at: www.BowWowWanted.com.
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Mitchell to star in "Melinda And Melinda"

March 26, 2005 03:37:59 GMT

The 31 years old Australian beauty Radha Mitchell was bewildered when she, on her way home from Los Angeles airport following a visit to her homeland of Australia, was called by director Woody Allen who offered her a part in his up-coming movie "Melinda And Melinda."
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Jolie, the World's Sexiest Woman

March 26, 2005 03:27:06 GMT

Actress Angelina Jolie wins FHM magazine global readers' poll, which drew 15 million votes, as the world's sexiest woman. The 29 years old beauty topped actress Jennifer Garner and US hotel heiress Paris Hilton, both of whom on the second and third position in succession. In the fourth place there is South African movie star Charlize Theron, where as the fifth place goes to Oscar-winner Halle Berry, who comes ahead television actress Alyssa Milano in the sixth.
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Sizemore Sentenced to Jail for Failing Drug Test

March 26, 2005 03:05:51 GMT

Trouble maker actor Tom Sizemore has been sentenced to under two years in jail for repeatedly failing drug tests while on probation. By means of which, he has failed seven drug tests, admitted methamphetamine use twice, and failed to show up for further testing while on probation for a 2003 domestic violence conviction involving his ex-girlfriend, Heidi Fleiss.
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Nelly's Tour Halted as Sister Dies

March 26, 2005 02:40:08 GMT

Rapper Nelly immediately halted his several Sweat/Suit Tours in Texas following the death of his half-sister, Jacqueline "Jackie" Donahue, in Thursday to complications from leukemia. The 31 years old female, who in June 2003 launched the "Jes Us 4 Jackie" campaign to solicit potential donors, has been diagnosed with the disease in 2001 and is survived for almost two years, time when she used to be Nelly hairstylist until she became too ill. Though never found a match for Donahue, the organization did enlist hundreds for the National Donor Registry.
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Paula's Hit-And-Run Charge Resolved

March 26, 2005 02:19:51 GMT

80s star Paula Abdul may feel releave after her hit-and-run case has been resolved in the Van Nuys traffic court, California, where she wasn't required to attend, rather her attorney, Neil E. Meyer, entered the plea on her behalf. Detailing on the case Meyer claims the incident happened because there was some minor contact between the tire of Paula's car and another vehicle on the roadway.