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January 05, 2005

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Klum Seals Engaged to Seal

January 05, 2005 09:23:01 GMT

Having been romantically linked for one year, Heidi Klum, who ever said that she didn't want to rush into another marriage after the divorce with her first husband, Ric Pipino, then decided to get married with an English born singer, seal, on December 23th, 2004.
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Witness Condemns Blake Acting

January 05, 2005 08:02:54 GMT

Robert Blake (71) is charged with the murder of Bonny Lee Blakes (44), his wife because he could not give a clear alliby to the jurors during his wife shooting.
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Jennifer Garner Suffering from Viral Infection

January 05, 2005 07:14:30 GMT

Jennifer Garner, who plays the main character of "Elektra", is suffering from viral infection just before new year eve. This may casued her to cancel her presence for the promotion for "Elektra," the comic-book adaptation in which she plays as a hired assassin and resurrected warrior woman which is a spin-off of her character from 2003's "Daredevil".
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Celebs Gather for Orbach Funeral

January 05, 2005 06:11:50 GMT

A well-known Law and Order actor, Jerry Orbach (69), has died on Tuesday (Dec 28) at New York's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center during his treatment for prostate cancer. Many celebs gather in his funeral at Riverside Memorial Chapel Manhattan's West Side, including his three partners, Chris Noth (detective Mike Logan), Benjamin Bratt (detective Rey Curtis) and final sidekick Jesse L. Martin (detective Ed Green). There is also present Orbach's TV boss, S. Ephata Merkenson (lieutenant Anita Van Buren) and many others.