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The Lone Ranger Faces Budgetary Problem Again, Forces Director to Trim Major Scene

2012-06-14 11:06:02

Words are, the Johnny Depp-starring film is running weeks behind its 120-day shooting schedule, causing the project to be back at its original cost of $250 million.

'Amazing Spider-Man 2' to Be Written by 'Star Trek' Screenwriters

2012-04-25 09:04:46

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are both sealed to pen the script for the 'Amazing Spider-Man' sequel, which is slated for a May 2, 2014 release in the U.S.

Video Premiere: The Wanted's 'Chasing the Sun'

2012-04-25 09:04:57

In this video for their second U.S. single, Max George and his fellow members find out the real identity of the girls who left them with tattoos in the shape of a sunburst on their hands and arms.

Jack White to Make Film Scoring Debut on Johnny Depp's The Lone Ranger

2012-04-25 08:04:44

Director Gore Verbinski and lead actor Depp are the ones who come up with the idea to have the 'Love Interruption' singer scoring the action adventure film.

Johnny Depp Explains the Meaning of Tonto's Makeup in 'Lone Ranger'

2012-04-23 10:04:22

Admitting the makeup is inspired by Kirby Sattler's painting, Depp says that the black-and-white stripes on the Native American character's face symbolize cross sections of a man's emotional life.

First Look of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in 'Lone Ranger'

2012-03-09 12:03:30

The movie's producer Jerry Bruckheimer delivered the photo of Depp and Hammer in full-costume and tweeted 'Tonto and The Lone Ranger Ride Again!'

The Lone Ranger Back on Track With a Start Date

2011-10-13 02:10:05

Words are, the Johnny Depp-starring movie is scheduled to start production on February 6, 2012, now that principal players agree to take 20 percent pay cut.

'The Lone Raner' Gets Green Light From Disney, Production to Start in Early 2012

2011-09-24 12:09:41

After encountering troubles due to budgetary issue, the Johnny Depp-starring film project is finally back on the track and will bring back some of its planned cast members.

Efforts Being Taken to Make 'Lone Ranger' and 'Dark Tower' Happen

2011-08-18 04:08:40

Words are, Gore Verbinski tries to press the budget of the Johnny Depp-starring film, while Ron Howard tries to find another studio to develop the movie adaptation of Stephen King's novel.

Report: Johnny Depp Still Wants 'Lone Ranger' to Happen

2011-08-13 11:08:37

The studio may be pressing the brake over budgetary disagreement but everyone involved in the project are still high in spirit.

Budgetary Issue Forces Disney to Shut Down 'Lone Ranger'

2011-08-13 12:08:16

It was reported that the production team of the Johnny Depp-starring adventure film couldn't adjust their budget limit to the $200 million the studio wanted them to spend.

'World War Z' Set for December 2012 Release, Up Against 'Lone Ranger'

2011-08-10 02:08:48

Brad Pitt's zombie war film will come out a week after 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey', and will also get some competition from Tobey Maguire's drama, 'Life of Pi'.

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