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New 'Last Airbender' TV Spot Highlights the Elements

2010-06-21 03:06:30

The video features characters who have the power to control air, water and fire, but does not show the Earthbender.

'Last Airbender' Comes Earlier, 'Priest' Pushed Back

2010-06-17 12:06:13

The action adventure flick moves forward a day for July 1 release, while release date for the Screen Gems' horror sci-fi is once again pushed back to May 13, 2011.

2010 MTV Movie Awards: 'Last Airbender' Sneak Peek Premiered

2010-06-07 09:06:29

The video follows Katara and Sokka on a snowy landscape, before it gives a glimpse of action scenes featuring Aang.

The Last Airbender Has New International Trailer

2010-06-01 10:06:47

In addition to compiling footage from the previously released sneak peek videos, the new trailer also presents fresh scenes such as the one when Katara encourages Aang.

Aang and Zuko Have a Duel in Final Trailer for 'Last Airbender'

2010-04-24 01:04:41

Additionally, the trailer sees Aang's loyal Sky Bison Appa soaring in the sky and Princess Yue telling the major protagonist about his fate.

2010 Summer Movie Guide

2010-04-16 05:04:53

Varied kinds of films are listed based on their priorities, which are those that you must see, the ones which worth your money and movies to watch to kill your time.

New The Last Airbender International Trailer Shares More Scenes

2010-03-27 11:03:27

The video still includes the scenes from the previously-released snippets, but inserts some new footage from the middle towards the end of it.

The Last Airbender Drops New Trailer

2010-03-25 11:03:58

Beside showing Aang who fights his enemies by himself, the video also highlights how the titular character needs help from his friends during the battle.

The Last Airbender Unleashes New TV Spot

2010-02-22 01:02:19

The snippet comprises action scenes from the action sci-fi and shares never-before-seen footage in the middle of the video.

New Trailer for The Last Airbender Unleashed

2010-02-11 09:02:13

Beside explaining Aang's destiny to save the world, the fresh snippet also offers a look at other major characters, Sokka, Katara and Zuko.

The Last Airbender Shares New Scenes in Super Bowl Spot

2010-02-05 09:02:32

The much-awaited snippet exposes major character Aang while facing his enemies, revealing his skills.

Official Image of Sokka and Katara From 'Last Airbender'

2010-02-04 09:02:57

The brand new photo from the action sci-fi exposes the two characters standing with their backs against each other.

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