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A clip/trailer of Keith

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Keith Poster

Release Date :

April 11, 2008 Palm Beach Int FF

Studio :

Image Entertainment

Director :

Todd Kessler

Starring :

Jesse McCartney, Jennifer Grey, Elisabeth Harnois, Rachel Thorp

Smart and popular high school senior Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois, TV's One Tree Hill) thinks she has her life figured out, but everything changes when she meets a mysterious boy with nothing to lose. International singing sensation Jesse McCartney (TV's Summerland) is unforgettable as Keith in his first major feature film role. Offbeat and free-spirited, Keith takes Natalie on a deliriously wild journey unlike anything she's ever experienced. But he's got a dark secret...one that becomes Natalie's obsession to uncover.


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loved it!!! one of my faves!:)

posted by fefy<3 on Sep 03, 2010

i really liked this movie,evryone did a very good job=]

posted by ~uknown~ on Jun 17, 2009

very cool movie =)

posted by TaaT on Jan 22, 2009

The best movie :)

posted by Annies on Nov 13, 2008