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Eulogy (2004)





Release Date

October 29, 2004

MPAA Rating



85 min.

Production Budget

$10 millions


Artisan Entertainment

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Cast and Crew


Michael Clancy


Kirk D'Amico, Lucas Foster, Steven Haft, Richard Barton Lewis


Michael Clancy



When three generations of a deliciously dysfunctional family gather to bury the family patriarch, the beloved granddaughter of the deceased is given the task of delivering the eulogy. In the days leading up to the funeral, she tries to hold her lunatic clan together as secrets are revealed, old grudges resurface and the household erupts with renewed vigor. A wickedly irreverent comedy, Eulogy is ultimately a heartwarming portrait of a houseful of misfits celebrating the strangest and most enduring bond of all : family.

Kate Collins, struggling through an awkward first year at college, returns to the Collins family home upon the death of her grandfather. Kate may be somewhat out of step with the party-hearty rituals of campus life, but at home she's really a misfits: and island of normalcy in a sea of unruly Collinses.

First, there's Kate's father Daniel - once a child star but now, unbeknownst to his daughter, a porn actor. Then there's tightly wound Aunt Lucy, who has waited till the last minute to announce her wedding to life partner Judy, and wildly impolitic Uncle Skip with his obnoxious twin boys. Last but not least, there's pushy Aunt Alice, who brings a steamroller approach to everything from marriage and motherhood to her brutal dinner casseroles.

When her grandmother entrusts her with the task of delivering the eulogy, Kate naturally turns to her relatives for help. She quickly comes to realize that her own fond memories of Grandpa Collins are not shared by his children, who can only remember a distant father who, when around, could barely keep their names straight.

As Kate struggles to find the right words to commemorate the solemn occasion, the rest of the famiy prepares for the event with its usual anarchy. In between the raucous infighting and the hilarious backbiting, family secrets are revealed and old wounds are exposed. In the end, the Collinses come to realize that theirs is a legacy of chaos, redeemed only by the moments of comfort they find in each other.


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“..the very definition of hit and miss..”
by Jesse Hassenger [Filmcritic]
“..witty, funny..”
by Clint Morris [Film Threat, Hollywood's Indie Voice]
“..intermittently fun to watch..”
by [E! Online]