Sadie Frost Filmography

  • Sadie Frost
    • Famous as : Actress
    • Birth Name : Sadie Liza Vaughan
    • Birth Date : June 19, 1967
    • Birth Place : London, England, UK
    • Spouse : Gary Kemp (7-May-88 - 1997), Jude Law (2-Sep-97 - 29-Oct-03)
    • Claim to Fame : As a lusty society girl-turned-vampire in "Bram Stoker's Dracula" (1992)
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  • Set the Thames on Fire2015 stars as Mrs. Hortense
  • The Confusion of Tongues2015
  • Molly Moon: The Incredible Hypnotist (2015) stars as Mrs. Alabaster
  • Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey.2014 stars as Beautiful Woman
  • Dotty2013 stars as Dotty
  • The Actress2012 stars as Mabel Stanford
  • Animal Charm2012
  • Wizard's Way2012 stars as Escort
  • Fortune's Smile2011 stars as Harriet Fabian
  • The Heavy (2010) stars as Dutch
  • The Last Supper2009 stars as Wife
  • The Town That Boars Me2008 stars as The Queen
  • Beyond the Rave2008 VI stars as Fallen Angel
  • Shoot on Sight2007 stars as Fiona Monroe
  • Bedsitcom2003 TV stars as Introducer (voice)
  • Uprising2001 TM stars as Zivia Lubetkin
  • The Fear2001 TV stars as Storyteller
  • Uprising2001 TM stars as Zivia Lubetkin
  • Love, Honor and Obey2000 stars as Sadie
  • Soul Patrol2000 stars as Luisa
  • Rancid Aluminium2000 aka Rancid Aluminum stars as Sarah Thompson
  • Love, Honour and Obey2000 aka Love, Honour & Obey stars as Sadie
  • Presence of Mind1999 aka Celo, El (Spain) stars as Governess
  • Presence of Mind1999 stars as Governess
  • Captain Jack1999 aka An Inch Over the Horizon stars as Tessa
  • Press Gang1998 TV stars as Jenny Eliot
  • Final Cut1998 stars as Sadie
  • An Ideal Husband1998 stars as Mrs. Laura Cheveley
  • Flypaper1997 stars as Natalie
  • Bent1997 stars as Max's friend
  • Crimetime1996 stars as Val
  • A Pyromaniac's Love Story1995 stars as Hattie
  • Büvös vadász1994 aka Magic Hunter stars as Eva
  • The Cisco Kid1994 TM stars as Dominique
  • Shopping1994 stars as Jo
  • Splitting Heirs1993 stars as Angela
  • Papierowe malzenstwo1992 aka Paper Marriage stars as Employment Agency Interviewer
  • Dracula1992 aka Bram Stoker's Dracula stars as Lucy Westenra
  • The Krays1990 aka The Kray Twins stars as Sharon Pellam
  • A Ghost in Monte Carlo1990 TM aka Phantom in Monte Carlo, Ein (West Germany) stars as Alice 20 yrs
  • Diamond Skulls1989 aka Dark Obsession stars as Rebecca
  • Les Girls1988 TV stars as Amanda
  • Gentlemen and Players1988 TV stars as Kate Beaufort
  • Empire State1987 stars as Tracy
  • Vardo1986
  • A Horse Called Jester1979 stars as Tina Harris