LL Cool J Trivia

  • LL Cool J
    • Famous as : Hip-hop singer, actor
    • Birth Name : James Todd Smith
    • Birth Date : January 14, 1968
    • Birth Place : Bay Shore, Long Island, NY, USA
    • Spouse : Simone Johnson (since 7-Aug-95)
    • Claim to Fame : Single "I Can't Live Without My Radio" from album "Radio" (1985)


  • Teamed up with U.S. chain store Sears to launch a clothing line, called LL Cool J for Sears, for young boys and girls (May 2008).
  • Obtained the 32nd place on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists in 2002 and 82nd on the Top Pop Artists of the Past 25 Years list in 2004.
  • Created the theme song of "Wildcats" (1986) while also had a cameo appearance in that movie.
  • Is the owner of a record label called P.O.G. which stands for Power of God, a footwear line named Najee, and a Warner Brothers-affiliated production company, Rock The Bells.
  • Appeared in the music videos of LSG's "Curious", Sisqo's "Thong Song", Big Pun's "It's So Hard" and Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On."
  • Has a trademark of always wearing hat when off-camera, a conduct has been carried on since he was abused by his mother's boyfriend.
  • His another single, "I'm That Type of Guy", contained some quotes from the movie "The Wizard of Oz" (1939).
  • His infamous lip-licking actually is a nervous habit he has developed during his younger years.
  • Has nicknames of Uncle L, The Future of the Funk, and Nickelhead.
  • Earned a VH1 Hip Hop Honor along with Notorious B.I.G., Ice-T, and Salt-N-Pepa by September 2005.
  • Took number 5 on VH1's list of 50 Greatest Hip Hop Artists in 2003.
  • Was the host of the 2001 American Music Awards together with Britney Spears.
  • His two songs, "Mama Said Knock You Out" and "Going Back To Cali", were included in MTV's 100 Greatest Videos Ever Made when the list was issued in 1999.
  • Actually created a compilation of songs before "Mr Smith" (1995) but it never came up to the surface.
  • Has become the first black artist to perform in "MTV Unplugged" when appeared on the show in 1992.
  • Established a non-profit organization, Camp Cool J Foundation, in 1992 to provide free year round camping, educational cultural and recreational programs for children across U.S.
  • His 1985 album, "Radio", was placed in the 69th position of 100 Best LPs of the Eighties list compiled by Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • Has been the first rap artist to be featured on MTV Rockumentary.
  • His wife, Simone, owns a headwear company named Ms. GotRocks.
  • Has two tattoos on his shoulder: one is the word of 'Respect' on the left one and another is the word 'Mr. Smith' on the right.
  • Was given the title of Chief Kwasi Achi-brou by the village elders of Grand Bassan for his contribution in helping the establishment of a hospital in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa.
  • Has been the first black rapper to perform in "Saturday Night Live" (1975) also to be featured in Ebony magazine.
  • His son, Najee, was featured in his music video of "Hush."
  • His song entitled "Nitro" interpolated some parts from George Clinton's "(not just) Knee Deep."
  • Has written two books consisted of an autobiography, "I Make My Own Rules" (1997), which was co-written by Karen Hunter and a children orientated book entitled "And The Winner Is..." (2002).
  • Showed his disapproval of Naomi Campbell and Mike Tyson through his compositions, "Rasta Imposta" and "The Ripper Strikes Back."
  • Has had rivalry with other rappers, such as Canibus, Kool Moe Dee, Wyclef Jean, MC Shan, and Ice-T.
  • Has been the model for The Gap clothing and Ikea.
  • Was a big supporter of New York's governor, George Pataki.
  • Once underwent a job as a paperboy before pursuing a rap career.