Rob Lowe Talks Going to the Same High School With Robert Downey Jr., Sean Penn and More
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Meanwhile, the Iron Man depicter in MCU reveals his envy of Rob Lowe's success during their high school days at Santa Monica High, a breeding ground for Hollywood stars.

AceShowbiz - Rob Lowe and his sons recently filmed a segment for Ancestry to promote their genealogy services. As they toured Santa Monica High, Lowe's alma mater, they reminisced about the school's legendary reputation as a "movie star factory" in the 1980s.

Among the famous alumni featured in Lowe's yearbook were Emilio Estevez, Sean Penn and Oscar-winner Robert Downey Jr.. Lowe and Downey's high school experiences highlight the diverse paths to stardom. Lowe, with his early success on "A New Kind of Family," navigated the balance between Hollywood and school more seamlessly. Downey, on the other hand, dropped out to pursue acting and faced challenges with attendance and social interactions.

Despite their different approaches, Lowe and Downey's alma mater played a significant role in their success. Santa Monica High provided a fertile ground for aspiring actors, becoming a testament to the school's reputation as a breeding ground for Hollywood stars.

Earlier this year, Downey revealed on Lowe's "Literally" podcast his deep envy of the actor during their high school years. Downey stated, "I didn't understand how you could get where you were and still have attendance in school." Lowe acknowledged their differences, noting, "You would have been impossible to pin down for that kind of structure."

Downey's struggle to balance studies and acting was evident in his infrequent attendance and unconventional methods for skipping school, including scaling a tall fence. He also recalled an embarrassing prom experience where he wore a "mohair black sateen suit" after his father refused to buy him a tuxedo.

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