Kendrick Lamar Reportedly Was 'Upset' About J. Cole's Public Apology

The 'Like That' rapper's reaction to his nemesis issuing a public apology is revealed around one month after the 'No Role Modelz' spitter made the shocking gesture.

AceShowbiz - Kendrick Lamar's reaction to J. Cole issuing a public apology has been revealed. Around one month after his nemesis apologized to him, it was reported that the "Like That" rapper was upset about the "No Role Modelz" spitter's apology.

A source, who claimed to be one of Kendrick's "close friends," spilled the hip-hop artist's reaction upon learning of Cole's shocking remarks. According to the source, who spoke to AllHipHop, Kendrick, who is also known as K.Dot, "was upset that [Cole] apologized."

On the reason why, the media outlet noted, "I'm not sure if he was angry because he wanted to get it on lyrically with [Cole], or if he didn't think an apology was necessary at all." In addition, the insider claimed that K.Dot and Cole "have already talked."

The revelation came more than one month after K.Dot took aim at Cole. In March, Future and Metro Boomin released "Like That" featuring K.Dot. On the joint track, he throws shade at Cole and Drake. "Motherf**k the big three, n***a, it's just big me," he raps, making a reference to him, Drake and Cole who are commonly known as "the big three."

K.Dot also spits, "Yeah, get up with me/ F**k sneak dissin', first person shooter/ I hope they came with three switches." He was referring to Cole and Drake's collaborative track titled "First Person Shooter", which was released in 2023.

In response, Cole launched "7 Minute Drill" on which he hit back at Kendrick. "He still doing shows but fell off like 'The Simpsons'/ Your first s**t was classic, your last s**t was tragic/ Your second s**t put n***as to sleep but they gassed it/ Your third s**t was massive and that was your prime/ I was trailing right behind and I just now hit mine," he raps.

However, on April 7, Cole admitted that he regretted shading Kendrick on the track. He made peace by publicly declaring his love for K.Dot and vowed to remove the diss track from music streaming platforms. As of April 12, the song has been taken down from services such as Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal.

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