'General Hospital' Star David Lautman Went Viral With His Epic Proposal Video

The 'General Hospital' alum is engaged to girlfriend Megan Li Wang, and the couple has become a hot topic on the internet because of his epic proposal video.

AceShowbiz - Former "General Hospital" star David Lautman, 35, has announced his engagement to actress Megan Li Wang with a unique and memorable proposal.

Lautman, who portrayed Grant Smoltz in 17 episodes of the daytime soap opera, shared the news on Instagram on Monday, April 1. In a playful post, he captioned a photo of Wang's shimmering engagement ring.

"She said, 'Yes.' Well, technically, she said, '...I don't know who you are, yeah, sure!' But we'll attribute that to adrenaline, shock, surprise, and uncontrollable laughter from the proposal."

Lautman's proposal video, which Wang posted on her TikTok page, showcases his creativity. In the video, Wang explains how she "accidentally recorded my own proposal" while thinking an old Lenovo commercial she and Lautman filmed together in 2022 was re-airing without their consent.

As the commercial played, Wang expressed her disbelief, saying, "Why are they still airing this? I have to record this because why are they still airing this?" Suddenly, the commercial cut to Lautman, prompting the narrator to ask, "Anything else you want to say, David?"

After a humorous exchange with the narrator, a ring box appeared in Lautman's hand via special effects. The onscreen version of Lautman encouraged the real-life Lautman to ask Wang the big question.

Lautman's onscreen persona tossed the ring box to the actual Lautman, who stood up with the ring in hand and addressed the giggling Wang. "We met on this commercial, so I thought it would only make sense if we had an extended version that helped me ask you: Will you marry me?" he said. Wang, momentarily speechless, responded with a playful, "Yeah, sure," eliciting even more laughter.

In the comment section of the post, tech giant Lenovo congratulated the couple and offered them a special surprise: matching ThinkPads to commemorate the start of their love story.

Wang also shared the proposal video on Instagram, expressing her happiness and appreciation for Lautman's unique approach. "This relationship has been so easy because it's right," she wrote. "You never get offended by my comments, instead you insult me back even better! You understand me and most importantly, you understand my cats."

Lautman and Wang's engagement serves as a testament to the enduring power of connection and the unexpected ways in which love can blossom.

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