Christine Quinn Obtains Restraining Order Against Husband Following Fight and His Arrest

The 'Selling Sunset' star has been granted a restraining order against estranged spouse Christian Richard following an argument that prompted his arrest by police.

AceShowbiz - A judge has granted Christine Quinn's request for a restraining order against her husband, Christian Richard. Richard is ordered to leave their Los Angeles home and stay 100 yards away from Quinn, their son, and their dogs. He can only contact Quinn regarding court-mandated visitation for their child.

"Selling Sunset" star Christine Quinn has filed a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband after he was arrested for alleged domestic violence.

Quinn alleges that Richard began throwing metal objects and dog poop at her during an argument. He also allegedly peed on the floor and later threw a recycling bag full of glass items at her, which hit their son.

Quinn asserts that Richard faked an overdose on another occasion to "test" her love for him. She was terrified and believed he had poisoned himself. However, after an hour, Richard suddenly appeared sober and stated, "You passed the test." Quinn became frightened of his potential actions.

Despite the restraining order, Richard has filed a request for his own temporary restraining order, denying Quinn's allegations. He claims that she fabricated her story and filed a false police report to gain an advantage in a divorce.

Richard alleges that their argument stemmed from his dogs urinating on his belongings due to Quinn's refusal to train them. He claims he threw a trash bag filled with soiled rags and paper towels, not a glass bottle, against the wall. He denies throwing the bag at Quinn or their child.

In his filing, Richard requests joint custody of their son and unmonitored visitation rights. However, Quinn seeks sole custody and monitored visitation. She alleges that Richard has threatened to take their son to France, where he has property.

A judge has yet to rule on Richard's request for a restraining order. The judge has ordered the couple to participate in online mediation to determine custody and visitation arrangements for their son.

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