New Diddy Accuser Insinuates Usher Was 'Consorting' With Underage Girls and Sex Workers
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In a lawsuit brought against the hip-hop mogul, Rodney 'Lil Rod' Jones also makes accusations against an RnB singer who 'performed at the Superbowl and had a successful Vegas residency.'

AceShowbiz - The man suing Sean "P. Diddy" Combs for sexual assault has implicated Usher in his lawsuit. Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones suggests that the "You Make Me Wanna..." singer and another unnamed musician were messing with underage girls and sex workers while at the embattled rapper's properties.

In the suit, Lil Rod claims that an R&B singer, whose name is redacted, was "in Mr. Combs Los Angeles home consorting with underaged girls and sex workers." As for the other person, the unnamed rapper was allegedly caught with underage girls and sex workers while on Diddy's yacht.

Later on the footnotes, Lil Rod describes the R&B singer as someone who "performed at the Superbowl and had a successful Vegas residency." Meanwhile, the rapper is described as "a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj."

While Lil Rod keeps the name under wraps, the descriptions appear to suggest that those two men are Usher, who just performed at the Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas on February 11, and Meek Mill, who used to date the "Anaconda" emcee.

"Diddy Epstein & Usher Maxwell 2.0, I'm seated," a person reacted to the news. Another asked, "Usher & Meek?" A shocked user commented, "So Usher loves him a middle aged woman and thick peen on the side??? Of course he does, Diddy groomed him young."

Meanwhile, some fans refused to believe Lil Rod's claims. "Usher likes his women old so I doubt it," one person argued. Another claimed, "He just saying anything at this point cause yall know damn well Usher loves him a cougar." Coming to the "My Way" crooner's defense, another fan warned, "Now don't try to bring Usher in this bulls**t."

In his lawsuit, Lil Rod says he lived and traveled with Diddy from September 2022 to November 2023, during which time he recorded hours of video and audio of the rapper, his staff and others "engaging in serious illegal activity."

Among the allegations is that the hip-hop mogul forced Rodney to procure sex workers and pressured him to engage in unwelcomed sex acts with them and others and that Diddy gave laced alcoholic beverages to people who attended parties at his homes.

It's additionally reported that Rodney says in the lawsuit Diddy would grope his genitals and touch his anus in an effort to groom him into having sex. He also says that the 54-year-old star would parade around naked in front of him and Diddy would downplay the alleged assaults as "horseplay."

However, Lil Rod appears to not get all of his facts checked. While he claims that Diddy showed him a video of Stevie J engaging in sex acts with another man, a porn star has since disputed this particular claim.

The adult film star, D'Angelo "Knockout" Marquis, has come forward as the man in the video, not Stevie J. "That's me smh," he wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Defending the 50-year-old musician, he added, "They will not bring him down off my name, try again… This is not him [Stevie J] it's me yall really be trying it."

Stevie himself has denied that he's the man in the video. "I wasn't that guy the last time x I ain't never gonna be that guy," he claimed on Instagram. "I'm one of Gods favorites don't play with my name."

Meanwhile, Lil Rod's attorney insists that his client is sticking to his story that Diddy told him it was Stevie J in the video. Of why the music producer only raised the issue now, the attorney tells TMZ, "Victims of sexual assault respond to their trauma in very different ways. There is no uniformity in response to sexual trauma."

He goes on claiming, "Mr. Jones is a father and Christian. He was willing to sacrifice his rights concerning his assault, in an effort to protect his dignity and the dignity of his family. Mr. Combs was made aware of Mr. Jones' claim for assault from the moment Mr. Jones made his intentions to sue clear."

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