Bethenny Frankel Issues Apology for Claiming Taylor Swift Puts Travis Kelce 'on the Map'

The 'Real Housewives of New York City' alum regrets saying that the 'All Too Well' hitmaker puts the NFL player 'on the map' and claiming that she 'never heard his name' her 'whole life.'

AceShowbiz - Bethenny Frankel has issued an apology following her controversial remarks. After being met with backlash for claiming that Taylor Swift puts Travis Kelce "on the map," the former star of "The Real Housewives of New York City" broke her silence on the matter.

On Thursday, September 28, the 52-year-old former reality TV star set the record straight on her claim that Taylor put Travis "on the map" via Instagram Story. In a video, she said, "I know some of you are mad at me, I'm sorry that I said Travis was put on the map by Taylor Swift, I know that Travis was on the football map."

Noting that she has learned who Travis is along with his achievements, the Skinnygirl founder went on to defend herself by saying, "It's just a joke." She further gushed over the NFL player, "He's wonderful, he's amazing, he's a nationally famous football star, she happens to be a global icon, so all in good fun."

Bethenny previously was bombarded with criticisms for ranting about the rumored couple and Travis' career. On Wednesday, September 27, she released a video via TikTok. In the clip, she said, "I've never heard the man's name in my life. It's not only that she put him on the map, she drew the map, she charted the course that we're gonna take when we utilize the map, and she took him like a claw in the arcade as a toy and put him on the map."

After reiterating that she "never heard his name my whole life," the former Bravolebrity additionally pointed out, "When I look at him, he looks like a guy who would be in like a crime movie like a tough Russian Albanian just has like two lines in a scene like, 'It's done, looks tough.' "

It did not take long for the video to be flooded with online responses. In the comments section, one TikTok user slammed Bethenny, "If you've never heard his name, you're definitely not a football fan! he's won two Super Bowls and I'm a cowboy fan and I still know who he is." Another chimed in, "He's also been on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' and 'Saturday Night Live' if he hosted that he put himself on the map!"

This was not the first time Bethenny gave her two cents on Taylor and Travis. On Tuesday, September 26, she slammed the singer for acting like his "full football wife" at his recent game. "I did notice that at the game she was really, really over the top as a fan and chumming with the mom. And it felt like the Chia Pet of relationships, like, just add water. Like, they were together for 10 years. Like, she's a full football wife," she said on TikTok.

Taylor and Travis sparked romance rumors in early September. They reportedly have been "hanging out" in New York last week. In addition, she allegedly will support him at his next Chiefs name, which is set to take place at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday, October 1.

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