The five-piece group debuts their highly-anticipated first song in 22 years along with a lyric video that features scenes from the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film.

AceShowbiz - NSYNC is back! After teasing it with their surprise reunion at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, the boy band has finally debuted their highly-anticipated new song "Better Place", their first song in 22 years.

Making its way out in full on Friday, September 29, the track is an upbeat music with catchy melody and lyrics that may remind fans of the five-group's hits like "Bye, Bye, Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me". Featuring whistle sound at the beginning and the end, the song is a perfect bouncy track that oozes feel-good vibes.

"Just let me take you to a better place/ I'm gonna make you kiss the sky tonight/ Yeah, if you let me show the way/ I'm so excited to see you excited," they sing in high pitches on the chorus. "I'll take you to a better place, yoo-hoo/ And, baby, you can love me on the way/ We're flyin' up to outer space/ I'm so excited to see you excited, yeah."

The song also came with its lyric video via the official Instagram page of "Trolls". The video features the movie's characters dancing in colorful settings to NSYNC's song.

Celebrating the release of the song, the group's member Lance Bass penned a heartfelt message to fans and his bandmates, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick. "Feels like a surreal moment to say that our new single, 'Better Place' is about to be released in a matter of minutes. This song is truly a love letter to all of our fans who have been our incredible support system. You guys have stood by us through it all, even when our fashion choices were, well, let's just say 'unique,' " he wrote along with a video that compiles footage of the group from the past to the recent ones.

He continued to gush, "You guys have always thought that this would happen again, even when we didn't. I am truly grateful for every single one of you, and just know that every comment, video, share, like, etc. is seen and heard."

"To my brothers Joey, Justin, Chris, and JC - there's a unique magic that happens when we come together, and I wouldn't want to do this with anyone else," Lance added. "This song is a testament to our bond, and I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for the journey we've shared and the one that lies ahead. #BetterPlace."

"Better Place" will be featured on "Trolls Band Together" that is set to hit theaters on November 17. Justin returns as the voice of Branch in the animated movie.

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