Roxy Horner Drank 'a Bucket of Water' Before Learning She Has Diabetes

The model girlfriend of comedian Jack Whitehall, who is currently expecting their first child, wants fellow sufferers to know they can still safely become mums if they have Type 1 diabetes.

AceShowbiz - Roxy Horner was drinking "a bucket of water" a night before she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Comic Jack Whitehall's model girlfriend, 31, who is pregnant with their first baby, also opened up in a chat with Women's Health U.K. about how she wants fellow sufferers to know they can still safely become mums if they have the condition.

She said about how she was stunned to discover she was diabetic, "I found out in May 2021, just before my 30th birthday. It was such a shock, because I didn't really know what diabetes even was, and I had only really heard of people with Type 2. I had felt unwell for quite a while, but it got significantly worse just before May. I was drinking four to eight liters of water a day, it was insane. I basically had a bucket of water next to my bed, and I was just drinking it all!"

She added about how Jack, 34, has supported her since the diagnosis, "I've been really lucky because my partner has been by my side throughout the whole thing, and he was there when I got diagnosed. In a way, he's almost learned as much as I have about it. And I can talk with him about anything I'm going through, and he's been my rock."

The couple's baby is due in September and Roxy said, "I just really want other women to know that it is possible to have a healthy baby and we can have a healthy pregnancy. I think there's still this hangover from years ago when we didn't have all the medication you have nowadays and they used to almost say, 'You can't have children, you've got Type 1 diabetes' - but now it's totally fine."

She added about preparing for her baby’s arrival, "I've been really lucky, I've got a family of women who love to knit and my mum has knitted me all these beautiful little cardigans and outfits. I've not actually bought any clothes, because I've got so many knitted ones! We need to get cracking with the baby’s room, and we're gonna have a little week away somewhere when Jack comes off tour in July, I'd quite like to go to Cornwall."

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