Bethenny Frankel Feels Sad Seeing Women 'Desperately Clinging on to Youth'

The 'Real Housewives of New York City' star encourages women to embrace ageing instead of using 'every gimmick' to fight it off and to stop 'lying about their age.'

AceShowbiz - Bethenny Frankel urges women to embrace the idea of ageing like a "fine wine." The 52-year-old "The Real Housewives of New York City" regular, who shares daughter Bryn, 13, with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, 52, is sad seeing females fighting getting older and desperately trying to resist the process.

"I have a daughter and I want to be young for her. It's been great to just accept (ageing). I see people, women, so desperately clinging on to youth and doing everything they can, and every gimmick and lying about their age and every filter. It seems there's a desperation to ageing and not allowing it to happen like in fine wine," she told The Heathy magazine.

Adding how she is happy with being seen as a "dorky aunt" as she gets older, Bethenny went on, "I like being older because you have to be comfortable in your own skin and you get to be that dorky aunt. That's who I am to my daughter's friends. That's who I am on social media. I've embraced it, I get it."

The mum-of-one, who is engaged to film producer Paul Bernon, added she has a list of key steps to try and stay looking her best. She said, "I like prioritising sleep and travel and food. I like curating my life the way that I want it to be and only doing work that I want to do that's very liberating."

"I'm peaceful. I'm level, I'm happy. The highs and lows are not what they used to be, which is positive. Consistency, hydration, spray tone, layering spray tone with serums. I have a sheet mask on right now because I flew yesterday, and a neck pillow that has lavender in it. Taking hot baths with Epsom salts. It's old-school just consistency. And hell, I prioritise health over what I look like."

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