Twitter Goes Into Frenzy After Kevin Gates Shares NSFW Childbirth Video on Instagram

The 37-year-old rapper leaves the Internet stunned after he takes to his Instagram account to share an NSFW clip of a mother giving birth, sparking a meme fest from fans.

AceShowbiz - Kevin Gates returns with another online antics. The 37-year-old rapper left the Internet stunned after he took to his Instagram account to share a graphic clip of a mother giving birth, sparking a meme fest from fans.

On Sunday, May 7, Kevin reposted the NSFW clip from the account @indiebirth. The said video saw a mother delivering her baby at home with the father catching their newborn baby. He wrote in the caption, "The Most Beautiful thing on earth is the gift of Life."

Upon watching the video, Internet users were both confused and shocked. "DO NOT LOOK AT KEVIN GATES INSTAGRAM STORY. TRUST ME," one person warned others in a viral tweet. Someone posted a meme of DJ Khaled shedding a tear while listening to his Justin Timberlake-assisted song "Just Be" and wrote in a tweet, "Don't watch Kevin gates insta story don't do it."

However, most people didn't mind the warning and went straight to check on Kevin's Instagram account to see what actually caused an uproar online, only to feel regret. "I feel like I should have learned my lesson on tweets like this and not look…omg," one user wrote. "SHOULD HAVE LISTENED, IF YOU'RE SEEING THIS TWEET THEN DON'T GO WATCH IT, I REPEAT DO NOT WATCH IT."

"It can't be that bad," someone commented before quickly adding, "OH MY GOD." Another tweet read, "I let curiosity get the best of me. Why did I see it?" while one other user said alongside a Spongebob Squarepants meme, "I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT DAAAAAAMN! done for internet today."

Some fans also wondered if the woman in the video was Kevin's wife, Dreka Haynes, and that was their baby, but it wasn't the case. The video was originally shared on April 15 with a caption that read, "In celebration of black maternal health week, Kendra is sharing her birth video and she offers this wisdom from this amazing birth experience."

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