Blac Chyna Drops Over 10 Lbs. After Removing 2 Liters of Silicone From Butt
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In a new interview, the former music video vixen reveals she endured 'very scary' complications after receiving the butt injections when she was 19, not knowing that she 'could possibly die' as the results.

AceShowbiz - Reversing her cosmetic producers has been like killing two birds with one stone for Blac Chyna. The reality TV star, who has been taking her fans on a journey to return to her natural beauty, reveals that she is offloading some literal weight after having silicone removed from her butt.

In an interview with Access Hollywood published on Tuesday, March 28, the star, born Angela White, said she lost over 10 pounds after removing 2 liters of silicone from her butt. "You know how many CCs [cubic centimeters] I took out? 1,250 CCs," she shared during the interview. "A 2-liter Coke bottle all in my booty."

The Lashed by Blac Chyna founder said she immediately felt like a new person. "I see beauty. I see wisdom. I see myself," she gushed. "I feel good about it, too."

Blac, who received the injections when she was only 19 years old, claimed she wasn't made aware of the negative side effects of the procedure until she endured "very scary" complications as a result. She said her "rear end would get super inflamed," "really, really hard and really hot."

"This is a regular person that's doing it," she explained of her injector. "They're giving whatever it is substance that they're doing and giving it to you. They're not gonna tell you, 'Hey, you know, you could possibly die.' "

Blac's plastic surgeon Dr. David Matlock said he spent eight hours removing the silicon from her derriere. He added that the star was fortunate she didn't suffer more serious side effects.

Blac recently opened up that her 2022 baptism kicked off her journey to reverse as many of her cosmetic procedures as possible. In addition to dissolving her face fillers, she has gotten rid of her "demonic" tattoo of the demon Baphomet on her hip.

The 34-year-old took to her social media page to show the tattoo removal process and it caught the attention of her mother Tokyo Toni. As soon as she saw the video, Tokyo began to hyperventilate while thanking God and crying tears of joy.

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