'RHONJ': Teresa Giudice Accuses Melissa Gorga of Having 'Daddy Issues' After Marriage Issue With Joe
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In a new episode of 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey', the reality TV star blames her co-star and sister-in-law Melissa's 'daddy issues' for their marriage woes.

AceShowbiz - Teresa Giudice weighed in on Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga's strained relationship. In a new episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey", Teresa blamed Melissa's "daddy issues" for their marriage woes.

"My brother needs to get therapy because he keeps blaming me for everything," Teresa told co-stars Margaret Josephs and Jackie Goldschneider in the Tuesday, March 28 episode. "It's not just me, she has daddy issues she needs to go get help."

Jackie, who is a close friend of Melissa, immediately sighed. She replied, "That's not nice." In response to that, Teresa then yelled at Jackie, "Jackie, shut the f**k up, get out of my f**king face!" She continued, "Get out of my f**king face, get out of my face, shut the f**k up, get out of my face!"

Jackie later asked Teresa if she found it to be a "mean thing to say about somebody who lost their dad in a car accident" as a teen. Melissa's father passed away in a car accident shortly after her 17th birthday.

Teresa insisted, "There's nothing wrong with that." She added, "She's attached to my brother like, yeah, there's issues."

Prior to this, Melissa opened up about her father "didn't come home every night" while he was married to her mom. Of the matter, Melissa said in a confessional, "Melissa always talked about that she had daddy issues, how her father would go out all the time and he was cheating on the mom. He was never home, so that's why she always had a leash on my brother."

Teresa went on to defend her statement by saying that her own four daughters "have daddy issues" as her ex-husband Joe Giudice was deported in 2019 after serving 41 months in prison for fraud. "You're pissing me the f**k off, you're getting involved with family," Teresa told Jackie before walking away and citing her work in therapy for not going after her more.

After Teresa left, she joined husband Luis Ruelas and the Gorgas to talk about why Melissa was not asked to be a bridesmaid and why they didn't invite any of Melissa's family members to their wedding back in August 2022. "The reason why I didn't ask you to be in my wedding - I think I told you this already - when Margaret was bringing [Luis'] stuff up, I wanted you to say to Margaret, 'that's my sister-in-law, that's my future brother-in-law, shut the f**k up!' " Teresa explained.

Melissa clapped back, saying Teresa should've "stuck up" for Joe, when her close friend Jennifer Aydin called him a "crook" and a "b***h boy" last season. "You're pointing fingers, I hate when you talk bulls–t, like, talk real," Melissa said.

Teresa was mad over the accusations as she stormed off while asking Luis to "fix it!" Melissa yelled, "This is your brother! It's a shame that you don't wanna fix it. You're the matriarch, you fix it!" Teresa then returned, saying that she felt "so bad" for her "poor brother."

"Here's the problem, she has deep hate in her heart, because I should make it better," Melissa said, prompting Teresa to accuse Melissa and Joe of lying about being "happy for a very long time" in their marriage. "No, because if you were happy, you would want to be a beautiful family," Teresa said.

The two couples continued exchanging insults. After Teresa suggested that they need therapy, Joe and Melissa eventually stormed off for good.

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