Doja Cat Says Her Boobs Are Still Swollen, Promises to Show Them in 3 Weeks After Surgery
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The 'Say So' raptress also takes time to explain the meaning behind her tattoos, including those that have fueled speculation she's part of Illuminati, by answering a fan's question on twitter.

AceShowbiz - Doja Cat has given an update on her recovery post-surgeries. While she continues healing following the cosmetic procedures, the raptress has taken time to respond to some fans' questions on Twitter.

On Sunday, March 26, a fan asked the star if she's still in pain after her surgeries. "not really im just numb and swollen as f**k under my arms," the "Say So" hitmaker replied.

She also promised to show her new boobs when they're not swollen, which will take about three more weeks. "soon when they dont look like two loafs of bread. give it 3 more weeks," she responded to another user who asked when she will unveil the results of the surgery.

Another fan was equally curious as they tweeted, "we want to see your new boobies." Responding to the same inquiry, Doja informed, "theyre swollen."

Meanwhile, another user criticized Doja for going under the knife, telling the star, "Stop encouraging your young and impressionable fans to change their bodies." Firing back at the troll, she wrote, "eat my long quiet and warm farts."

Doja Cat's Tweets

Doja Cat gave update after her cosmetic procedures.

Another person accused the 27-year-old of clout chasing. Catching wind of this, she responded, "i know, stop. please im literally on bed rest yall gonna get blocked over a bad joke."

Doja also explained the meaning behind her tattoos, including some that have fueled speculation that she's part of Illuminati. "the spider means courage," she wrote. "the kudu (woodland antelope) means strength, and the demon with the trident means 'f**k you'. the dots are just dots."

Asked what the next tattoo she's going to get if she plans to have another one, the Grammy Award winner revealed she wants "Black Phillip and a bat skeleton."

Doja Cat's Tweets

The singer also explained the meaning behind her tattoos.

Doja revealed earlier this month that she has gone under the knife to get liposuction and breast reduction. "got my t***ies done and my c**t bedazzled," so she tweeted on March 19. She admitted that her thighs "hurt a lot" due to one of the procedures, but she assured that she's "healing really fast."

On Monday, March 27, Doja made her first public appearance since the surgeries as she attended the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards. She, however, got covered up at the event, wearing a white T-shirt tucked into a pair of black leather pants with a fuzzy white coat loosely draped over her shoulders.

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