Tamar Braxton Dragged After Claiming to Have Been 'Triggered' Amid Feud With Kandi Burruss

In a new tweet, the 'Braxton Family Values' alum suggests that being involved in a drama is the last thing she wants as she's 'trying hard to hold on to my peace.'

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton is further explaining her side amid her beef with Kandi Burruss. In a new tweet, the "Braxton Family Values" alum suggests that being involved in a drama is the last thing she wants as she's "trying hard to hold on to my peace."

Tamar shared, "I haven't been this triggered in a long time. Yes,I have #changed but I'm also human. Please be patient with me." The "All The Way Home" singer continued, "Trust me I'm going through it mad with myself, forgetting to breathe. But it feels like I keep getting poked. This too shall pass."

Upon catching wind of the tweet, some Internet users criticized Tamar. "How she triggered by beef she told us about and brought back from the dead Tamar go enjoy your new man and new life this is a full circle moment from where you were prior. Be happy and act blessed! As a fellow Taurus️ Kandi is fine and probably having a good meal," one person said.

"Did Tamar take her meds? Seems like she's fighting the person in the mirror," someone else added. Echoing the sentiment, one other said, "Tamars issues are with Tamar… folks that are always at odds with someone new, are really at odds with themselves."

Another fan wrote, "Tamar has issues with everybody, it's exhausting." One other noted, "What is crazy she started all this, why answer the question should of said no comment. Like she did when she first put it out. Now want to play victim once Kandi responds."

In addition to that, Tamar shaded Kandi after the Xscape singer bragged about the girl group's booking fee allegedly being triple that of SWV's. In a new Instagram comment, Tamar called out Kandi for her "non singing-a**."

"Imagine having The biggest ego for the most non singing a** person in the music industry," the Maryland native wrote. "Stream my new hit song #changed where I pay homage to the AMAZING swv!!"

The reply came after Kandi bragged about how Xscape's rate was three to four times higher than SWV's. "We gotta maintain the fees that we get," Kandi said. "Another example, I don't want to speak on exactly the fees that they get, but at the time, our fee was three to four times what their fee is. So why would we agree to split our fee and split in half? That means we are lowering what we get just to so they could say they felt comfortable."

The feud between Tamar and Kandi started after Kandi confirmed that it was "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star and her husband Todd Tucker who threatened and wanted to fight her. "People think it was [Eva Marcille]," host Andy Cohen said. In response to that, Tamar was quick to deny. "It was not," Tamar clarified, "And it really did happen. I'm not lying, like I'm not looking for attention or drama anything like. That s**t really did happen."

Tamar also shared that the said person "is a full Housewife." After the host guessed Kandi, Tamar acted coy by sipping her drink. "I thought you and Kandi mended everything after '[Celebrity Big Brother]'?" Andy questioned, to which Tamar replied, "I thought so too. I have no idea. I will tell you the story later."

Kandi, however, shut down the allegations. "The only thing I'll say right now is … that's not true," she said. "My husband never said nothin' to her. He did not threaten her. None of that."

The reality TV star went on to say, "She and I did have words, but he didn't. Some people like to twist things a little bit, but we can talk about it later on a different platform. Or not."

Tamar's fiance Jeremy "JR" Robinson, however, suggested that Todd admitted that he did threaten Tamar. "For the record, yes I did have a conversation with Todd about what he said to @TamarBraxton - he immediately seemed embarrassed about it," Jeremy wrote on Instagram Story on Monday. "Apologized and wanted to make amends for saying 'you know what it is.' "

Jeremy continued, "He tried to rationalize why he said it, but I stopped him and said it should have never happened. I then asked him to clear it up with Tamar and apologize in person."

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