Tamar Braxton Breaks Silence After Ex-Pal LeTroy Davis Called Her Out for Only Caring About Fame
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The 'Who Can I Run To?' singer declares that some people owe her 'an apology' after her former friend accused her of using footage from her tour without paying for it.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton has broken her silence following LeTroy Davis' accusation. After her former pal accused her of only caring about fame, the "Who Can I Run To?" singer appeared to have denied her ex-friend's claim.

On Friday, December 15, the 46-year-old songstress seemingly told people to apologize to her for believing an alleged lie about her. Via X, formerly known as Twitter, she penned, "Some of y'all really owe me an apology. Seriously!! y'all believe ANYTHING negative ANYONE says about me. SMH," adding a broken red heart emoji.

Tamar Braxton Tweet

Tamar Braxton appeared to have denied LeTroy Davis' claim via X.

It did not take long for the tweet to be flooded with mixed responses from X users. In the replies section, one in particular reminded her by writing, "Nah I think you got that twisted sister. If you want an apology you have to be able to own up to your own involvement in things. It's called taking accountability."

Meanwhile, another slammed her, "Tamar we don't owe you anything you and your team has been lying since the [Chrisean Rock] incident you need to call her and make it right, I don't understand how (LETROY) was apart of yall team now yall abandoned him Now he's a liar???All yall be lying… PLEASE HANG THE PHONE LINE UP!"

The tweet came shortly after Tamar's ex-pal LeTroy accused her of only caring about fame. He also alleged that she used footage from her show without paying for it. Earlier that same day, LeTroy tweeted, "Since this is YOUR tour, you need to pay your own camera people and editors to shoot and edit footage of you. You were sent notices to not use this footage, yet you did. You have no respect for anyone. Take this down please."

LeTroy further claimed in a follow-up tweet, "I sent you and your team this edit being nice offering you the rights to acquire this footage you refused and said 'this girl has gone wild' in reference to me. So wild my footage off your page." He was replying to Tamar's tweet featuring a video highlighting her performances from her tour.

In another tweet, LeTroy bluntly stated, "She don't care! She care about being famous more than anything. I planned this entire tour because NOBODY wanted to do it and called her washed up. I booked EVERY show for this tour. EVERY."

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