Jordan Peele Books Christmas Day Release for His Next Movie

Following 'Get Out', 'Us', and 'Nope', the actor-turned-director has started to work on his next big-screen offering and is scheduled to release the movie in 2024.

AceShowbiz - Jordan Peele is scheduled to put out his fourth film on Christmas Day next year. The acclaimed big screen writer and director - whose previous movies include "Get Out", "Us", and "Nope" - is starting to work on his next project, but fans will have to wait a while for the as yet untitled film.

He is joining forces with Universal Pictures again for the project, which is currently slated to open on December 25, 2024. Other details of Peele's next offering are still scarce, with no title, genre or casting news available.

This is true to form based on his first three movies, with those projects ranging from horror to Western science fiction.

Meanwhile, Peele previously revealed he already has "a few ideas" for his next film, whatever that may end up being. He said, "I don't know what's next, there are a few ideas percolating. I need to kind of sink into the world a little bit and allow the world to sort of tell me which one is the next one."

"So that's what my next couple of months will be spent doing... Sitting, watching, waiting, looking at my coffee. If you watch good films you'll get inspired, even if it has nothing to do with anything you want to do."

He has since teased the possibility of a "Nope" spin off, suggesting there could be more films in that universe after IMDb listed Michael Busch as uncredited character Nobody, who was in the first trailer but cut from the movie.

He explained, "People are doing a lot of interesting detective work, is what's going on. The story of that character has yet to be told, I can tell you that. Which is another frustrating way of saying, I'm glad people are paying attention. I do think they will get more answers on some of these things in the future. We're not over telling all of these stories."

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