Tamar Braxton Denies Being Messy After Questioning Chrisean Rock's Pregnancy Over Deadlift Video

The 'Love and War' singer responds to people accusing her of throwing shade at Chrisean after weighing on a video of the 'Baddies' star deadlifting almost 315 lbs.

AceShowbiz - Tamar Braxton has set things straight that she's not throwing shade at Chrisean Rock in any way. The singer has clapped back after she's called "messy" for seemingly questioning Chrisean's pregnancy over a deadlift video.

On Thursday, February 9, a TikTok video went viral showing Chrisean and Blueface hitting the gym. While the rapper wanted to show off his weightlifting skills, it's was his girlfriend who impressed fans for deadlifting more than 300 lbs.

In the clip, Chrisean was seen trying to lift the barbell with all her might. After lifting it up to her knees, she reached her limit and dropped it. "Damn she almost had it!" a personal trainer praised her. "That's 310?" Chrisean asked how heavy it was, before Blueface corrected her, "315."

"I said 300 yo. I don't want that s**t," Chrisean said. "I'm gonna be hurting in the morning though." She, however, is seemingly more motivated to deadlift now as she shared, "That was great. Yo I liked that. Now y'all make me wanna hit it."

Upon seeing the video, Tamar was clearly in shock as she commented on Hollywood Unlocked's post, "I didn't know u could lift like that pregnant. I'd be so scared." However, some people mistook her comment and thought that she was doubting Chrisean's pregnancy claims because of her deadlifting skills.

Tamar then quickly jumped back in the comments to deny people's allegations that she's being "messy." Claiming that she was genuinely curious, the R&B artist wrote, "I'm NOT!! I was just asking…..and when i was pregnant a century ago, @drjackie would have had my neck for lifting something so heavy!! But I was asking out of concern... I really understand and dig my Bmore sister all the best to them! Y'all tried it."

Tamar Braxton's Comments on Chrisean Rock's Deadlift Video

Tamar Braxton denied being 'messy' after commenting on Chrisean Rock's deadlift video.

A user then tried to clarify that pregnant women are not in harm by weightlifting. "Keep in mind if weightlifting is part of your daily routine and Dr clears it a woman can lift and exercise. Women are pregnant not disabled," the person explained.

Also weighing in on Chrisean's deadlift video was Blueface's mom. Karlissa Angelic Saffold claimed the "Baddies" star is "absolutely not pregnant." Referencing the personal trainer, she added, "That man would lose his license for allowing such an exercise."

Karlissa also begged Blueface's baby mama Jaidyn Alexxis not to leave her son. She wrote in a separate Instagram Story, "@officialjaidynalexxis it ain't over lol don't leave my son."

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