Twitter Users Insult Nicki Minaj With Disrespectful Hashtags on Her 40th Birthday
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While the 'Super Freaky Girl' hitmaker has yet to respond to the mockery, her die-hard fans knwon as the Barbz are quick to come to her defense after she is being called 'fat.'

AceShowbiz - Nicki Minaj should be celebrating as she turned 40 on Thursday, December 8. Unfortunately, many of the "Anaconda" femcee's biggest haters insult her on Twitter by making disrespectful hashtags like "#Shes40" and "#FatAndForty."

One of the trolls in particular tweeted, "Not y'all got #FATANDFORTY #FatAnd40 trending on that lady birthday….. early in the night!!!! This is THEE most petty s**t I've ever seen in my life…" The user made the post alongside a meme that included the words, "I'm here for it."

While Nicki, whose real name is Onika Tanya Maraj, has yet to respond to the mockery, the Barbz were quick to come to her defense. "The obsession is real," one fan wrote. "Everyone loves the queen and if today she turns 40, the F**KING QUEEN OF RAP. DOMINATING AND BEING THE MOTHER OF ALL THESE B***HES WHO ARE OBSESSED. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICKI #Shes40."

Another wrote, "*sees SHES 40 trending* *clicks*. Ah, yes, another hashtag full of people who apparently think women shrivel up and turn into desiccated hags the minute they turn 40." Someone else penned, "You know you that b***h when the haters gotta trend s**t like #Shes40 and #FATANDFORTY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICKI MINAJ, THE QUEEN OF RAP."

Nicki herself recently got backlash for taking part in the Qatar World Cup despite the country's anti-LGBTQ+ stance. She appeared on its official anthem "Tukoh Taka" alongside Maluma and Myriam Fares. For her part, the Harajuku Barbie raps in English and Spanish.

"Me, soy Trini/ Everyting di man have, dat a fi mi/ Donde esta el dinero? Papi, gimme," the Trinidadian hip-hop star kicks off the song's first verse with a mix of the two languages. She continues spitting bars in English, "Pretty face, ugly gyal can't see me/ Made that pretty ****, just let me do my little shimmy/ That little **** fat, but that waist still skinny/ **** him so good that them men a get clingy/ I'm even wetter when I do it at the Henny."

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