BIA Hits Back at Jaidyn Alexis After Subtly Weighing In on Blueface and Chrisean Rock Drama

The 'WHOLE LOTTA MONEY' raptress claps back at Jaidyn's claims that she's labeling her 'miserable' following her candid interview about having unprotected sex with Blueface and his relationship with Chrisean.

AceShowbiz - BIA is setting the record straight. The "WHOLE LOTTA MONEY" raptress has hit back at Jaidyn Alexis after she appeared to weigh in on drama surrounding Jaidyn, Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

On Friday, November 4, BIA cryptically tweeted, "Only way to beat a BM is to join em [laughing with tears emojis] n then both ya b***hes miserable." Many have since believed that BIA gave her two cents about Blueface and Chrisean feud over Jaidyn's new-released interview, including Jaidyn.

Responding to BIA's tweet, Jaidyn quote-retweeted and said, "Girl bye meet me at the bottega." Jaidyn said in a separate post, "It's dk when they do it it's a problem when j do it," along with a single laughing with tears emoji.

After Jaidyn's tweets were reposted by The Shade Room on Instagram, BIA hopped on the comments section to clear things up. "Crazy story … I wasn't even talking about her," so Nicki Minaj's collaborator wrote.

Not stopping there, BIA continued in a separate comment, "And it's BODEGA Jayden [face with rolling eyes emoji]," before threatening Jaidyn as writing, "now talk nice bf I put chrisean on a song n clear u."

Things are getting messy between Blueface, Chrisean and Jaidyn after the latter sit down with Meghan James for "The Hollywood Groupchat" podcast. In the candid interview, Jaidyn discussed having unprotected sex with Blueface and talked about his relationship with Chrisean.

Not happy that Jaidyn brought her up in the interview, Chrisean blasted Jaidyn on Twitter. "Then talking bout yo Baby Daddy like u a side b***h no points for any partys in this situation no reason to drag like u ain't da broke b***h in da equation," she fumed.

Chrisean also slammed the podcast host for the interview, "I can tell dat interviewer da b***h wanted me but hadda settle for what ever they budget had. I'm taggged n all I hear 'chrisean so.... chrisean' B***H ASK CHRISEAN FOR THE CHRISEAN ANSWER.. again ppl eating off my name but don't got nothing to do with me."

Seemingly defending Jaidyn, Blueface hopped on his Twitter page to address the interview. "Everybody has done a interview of went live speaking about my BM an vice versa let's keep the same respect an stop making it seem like somebody word or existence is more important then [sic] the other," he penned. "my BM the most loyal to me in this situation an none can top that fr let her shine."

Chrisean wasn't happy that Blue picked his baby mama's side and she let him know it. "Not you trynna pick a side now cuz u upset about dat live [sic] dat disturbed da world n f**ked up yo image," she replied to his tweet. "sorry you da same n***a kicked yo family out for me to come live with you, N***as can't silence me wen I'm done wrong I'm gon pop my s**t."

Chrisean continued to call out her on-and-off boyfriend, even labeling him a "narcissist." She also shared a screenshot of Blue's alleged text message to her in which he begged her not to ruin his reputation.

Chrisean recently accused Blue of physically assaulting her, leaving her with a "busted lip" and "busted nose," because she had been texting a boy. Several hours later, however, she retracted her allegations.

Defending himself, Blue insinuated that things could have been worse had he not restrained Chrisean from jumping out of a moving car. "Idk how y'all by passing her tryna jump out a moving car on the hwy in Gary indiana a little bloody nose an lip is save compared to the injuries she would have really sustained," he wrote in the since-deleted tweet.

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