Azealia Banks and Amber Rose Slam Nicki Minaj After Feuding With Latto Over Grammys Nomination
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The 'Anna Wintour' raptress and the model weigh in on the drama stemming from Nicki's complaint about her song 'Super Freaky Girl' being placed in Pop while Latto's 'Big Energy' is in Rap category.

AceShowbiz - Azealia Banks and Amber Rose have weighed in on Nicki Minaj and Latto (Mulatto)'s recent social media war. While Azealia said Nicki needs "serious help," Amber slammed the Trinidadian rapper for calling Latto a "Karen."

Nicki and Latto exchanged words on Twitter on Thursday, October 13 after Nicki scolded the 2023 Grammy Awards for placing her "Super Freaky Girl" single in the category of Best Pop Solo Performance rather than in any rap categories. Nicki also made the ultimatum that if "Super Freaky Girl" wasn't going to be considered for any rap categories, neither should Latto's "Big Energy". Later, Latto asked Nicki to stop dragging her name, but Nicki refused. Things went messy afterwards.

Upon learning of the public scuffle, Azealia took to Instagram to share her thoughts. "The Barbs need to petition to get Nicki Minaj some rehab and mental health services through the Grammys music cars program," she stated. "It's becoming painstakingly clear that this woman needs serious help, because this level of anger is not normal at all."

"It's getting scary watching her spiral like this with a child in tow… Like imagine how lonely and confused her kid feels hearing her scream and rage 24/7," Azealia further explained. "There's no way he's getting the attention/love he needs from her when she is this consumed with anger. I feel really really bad for the kid. Clearly other women are more important to her than he is."

Azealia went on to say Nicki's Twitter feuds ultimately fed money into the pockets of the "men invested" in women rappers like Latto, and that she should "go to rehab" for the sake of her son. "The girls are stunting on you with the lavish birthday parties, magazine covers with their kids," the "Anna Wintour" spitter went on. "All you have for papa bear is a bag of frozen wingettes and a can of crisco. Get it together sis you look extremely low class. boring a** crybaby… shut up. Go on love and hip hop with all this weak s**t. For f**ks sake."

Azealia then elaborated more on her stance in a video posted to her Instagram Story. "And like as far as Nicki, like c'mon, alright, alright Black community…it's fun to laugh at each other but we gotta like really pay attention cause like, Whitney Houston was suffering," so she said. "And we didn't step in to help her. We let her suffer, like Chaka Khan is suffering and we're not stepping in to like fix it or try. This woman Nicki Minaj is suffering and it's like c'mon what are we gonna do? Just like laugh at her?"

Also weighing in on the drama was Amber. In a video she posted on Instagram Story, the 38-year-old model told her followers, "I'm just an unproblematic queen but I'm also a feminist, so I do want to speak on something real quick. One, when you call a mixed person, like a 'Karen,' it's really like just dismissing their blackness. And I don't feel like that's okay," referring to Nicki calling Latto a "Karen."

Amber added, "But I also feel like as women, we call each other old at a very young age, as if we're supposed to just stop our lives and at a certain age and just kind of give up on everything and not continue to do what we love, which I also think is really f**ked up."

"Because I'm a woman, so I'm going to say what I want to say," Amber went on saying, "I just love all women and I just support everyone, regardless of their race or ethnicity or age or anything like that." The "Dancing with the Stars" alum then urged the raptresses to "continue to flourish and just rally support each other and support [their] business and be kind to each other."

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