KSI Says Criticism Helps Him Keep 'Grounded'

The YouTuber-turned-rapper knew how to 'shield' himself from criticism, saying, 'The criticism, the ridiculous things and the good things. I feel like it helps keep me grounded.'

AceShowbiz - KSI has learned to "shield" himself from criticism. The YouTuber-turned-rapper "reads everything" that people say about him online - but he's developed a way to stay calm and grounded in the face of criticism.

"I read everything. I think it is good to be obsessed with it," he shared. "I see the good and the bad so I know what is going on. I don't want to live in this fairytale world where everyone praises me and I am this God. I see what people say."

"The criticism, the ridiculous things and the good things. I feel like it helps keep me grounded," he continued. "You have to train the mind to be able to rationalise and understand that, yes, there might be a bad comment but there are several other good comments."

KSI, whose real name is Olajide Olatunji, has learned how to cope with the negativity over recent years. However, he acknowledges that it takes "practice." The 29-year-old star told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column, "You have to learn that it's OK. It takes practice."

"I have had my ups and downs but most of the time I stay calm. It's not easy, but you can shield yourself." KSI previously admitted to being amazed by his own success.

The music star, who has worked with the likes of Anne-Marie and Craig David, confessed to surpassing his own expectations. He said, "Twenty years ago when I was in the car with my parents, we'd listen to 'Seven Days' and 'Fill Me In' ... So I'm like, 'How have I ended up here?' "

But despite his fame and success, KSI still has a low-key approach to making music and he's determined to remain grounded. He said, "It's crazy, like, I don't even go into studios. A lot of times, I just play the beat over and over and actually just write in my bedroom."

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