Sharon Osbourne Down With COVID-19 After Caring for Ozzy Osbourne
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The TV presenter, who stepped away from her new U.K. talk show to fly back to Los Angeles in late April, says her husband is 'doing much better' now, but she, her daughter Kelly and 'the entire household has it now.'

AceShowbiz - Sharon Osbourne has been struck down with COVID-19 after flying home to Los Angeles to look after her husband Ozzy Osbourne. The Black Sabbath star fell ill with the virus in late April, prompting the former host of "The Talk" to step away from her new TalkTV gig to head back to the United States.

Now, the 69-year-old matriarch has revealed she's caught the virus from her husband along with her daughter Kelly Osbourne, admitting "the entire household has it now." Speaking on TalkTV, she said, "[Her husband]'s doing much better thank you."

"His temperature is now back to normal his coughing has stopped, he's doing much better," Sharon assured. "But I've got some news to share. My daughter Kelly has it, I have it and the entire household has it now."

When asked if Ozzy will be looking after her while she's sick, Sharon added, "Maybe, we'll see. I feel OK actually."

Ozzy, 73, tested positive for coronavirus in late April. He is also battling a number of other health complaints including back and neck problems and Parkinson's disease.

After stepping away from her TalkTV show "The Talk", Sharon missed two shows but had been been due to resume presenting duties before coming down with COVID. She will be working via video link with presenters including Ulrika Jonsson.

Sharon went on to add, "I'm so grateful to everyone for their well wishes and outpouring of love for Ozzy. And to everyone at TalkTV for being so understanding."

In late April, Sharon posted a video explaining she'd have to fly back to the U.S. from the U.K. so she could look after her poorly husband. Sharon said, "Ozzy was only diagnosed in the middle of the night our time."

"I spoke to him and he's OK. I am very worried about Ozzy right now," she added. "We've gone two years without him catching Covid and it's just Ozzy's luck it would be now."

The rock legend went public with his Parkinson's battle in 2019. He also suffers back and neck problems following a near-death quad bike crash in 2003.

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