Young Guru Shuts Down Speculation of Jay-Z Dissing Birdman on 'Neck and Wrist'

After sparking fan theories about the meaning of Jay-Z's line in Pusha T's newly-released track, Hov's longtime associate clarifies that the hip-hop mogul doesn't take a shot at Birdman on the song.

AceShowbiz - Jay-Z doesn't reignite his past feud with Birdman, at least that's not what is intended to with Pusha T's new song "Neck and Wrist" featuring Jigga. Young Guru has set the record straight on the speculation that arose due to the lyrics in the track.

After the song, which also features Pharrell Williams, was released on Wednesday, April 6, Young Guru hopped on Twitter to reveal one of his favorite lines on it. The longtime collaborator and associate of the hip-hop mogul highlighted the part, "We not talking about this line enough, 'I blue bird money, y'all talk in Twitter feeds.' " He went on suggesting that the short line has multiple meanings, tweeting, "It's like 5 meanings here!!!!"

Fans immediately shared their own interpretations of the line, one of which suggesting that it's a diss aimed at Birdman. "Blue bird (Twitter). Blew Bird (Birdman) money. Blew bird (dope money). Ties it in 'yal talk on Twitter feeds'. TOUGH," one person tweeted.

However, Young Guru has shut down the speculation, insisting that the line isn't a jab at the Cash Money boss. "I'm sorry but as many meanings as you can pull from this by no means is this a Birdman diss!!!" he wrote again on Twitter on late Wednesday.

Young Guru's Tweet

Young Guru denies speculation that Jay-Z shades Birdman in 'Neck and Wrist'.

The Birdman diss speculation aside, Jay-Z does address several issues with the track, such as Faizon Love's 2020 comments about Hov's authenticity. "The phase I'm on, love, I wouldn't believe it either/ I'd be like, 'Jay-Z's a cheater,' I wouldn't listen to reason either/All I know is he's a felon, how is he selling," he raps on the song.

Two years ago, Faizon accused Jay-Z of lying about his drug dealing past to sell records. "I like Jay-Z," he said during an appearance on the "Hip-Hop Uncensored" podcast. "I like him as a guy and the whole thing he created about this fake dope dealing. That's when I stopped liking him. This n***a ain't sold no cocaine in his life-I don't think he's ever won a fight."

"I criticize him for it because it's kinda his fault," Faizon added in another interview with VladTV. "Jay-Z creates this drug dealing drug lord, 'I'ma drug dealer, I'ma drug lord.' These kids are like, 'We gotta do it, too.' Not knowing that this is all made up s**t."

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