Sherri Shepherd Will 'Reach Out' to Wendy Williams' Fans as She'll Be Named Permanent Replacement
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It's also reported that the producers of 'The Wendy Williams Show' will announce that the former 'The View' co-host is taking over the daytime diva's talk show slot.

AceShowbiz - Sherri Shepherd is getting closer to taking over "The Wendy Williams Show" time slot. The Kristin depicter in "A Week Away" reportedly will "reach out" to Wendy Williams' distraught fans as she prepares to be named as the permanent replacement.

A source claimed to The Sun on Monday, February 21 that "The Wendy Williams Show" executives and producers are being "smart and strategic" in how the former "The View" co-host will take over the show's time slot from the 57-year-old talk show queen. "Sherri will have to balance making the show her own while also winning over Wendy's die-hard fans," the insider explained.

"Over the next few weeks, Sherri will reach out to Wendy's fans," the so-called insider told the outlet. The source further said, "She wants to invite them along on this next chapter. You'll see fan events with Sherri, Zoom calls and she's going to FaceTime viewers."

The insider noted that Sherri "has to walk a tightrope between being her own woman and respecting what Wendy has accomplished." The informant then suggested fans "expect no major changes to the show itself" as the producers "want everything to feel familiar."

A separate source told the outlet that Sherri's role as "permanent guest host" is in name only, before claiming, "It is really now Sherri's show." The insider added that production will wait to remove Wendy's logos and signs until September or even October, in deference to fans who are still holding out hope. "Sherri is in it to win it. She knows this is the opportunity of a lifetime," said the informant.

In the meantime, another source connected to the situation spilled to Radar that the talk show's producers are set to drop the bombshell news this week. The so-called inside source further detailed, "This week, the announcement will be made that Sherri Shepherd is taking over from Williams as host."

The reports came after claimed that "The Wendy Williams Show" will be coming to an end in June. "The producers informed everyone that ['The Wendy Williams' Show'] was being canceled at the end of June. Then in the next breath they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri show," said the source.

Despite rumors that her daytime show's slot will be taken over by Sherri, Wendy insisted in a video she shared on her personal Instagram page that she's "going back stronger" and vowed that she'll return to her iconic purple chair. She also assured her fans that she's "doing okay."

Apparently, Wendy's social media posts made the show's producers "livid." A source told Radar on February 18, "You can't have it both ways. You are either too sick to sit in a purple chair for an hour each day on TV or you are not," before adding, "Can you imagine if you called in sick for six months and then popped up on video in Florida skipping down the beach? You would be fired."

"At this point, Wendy is making fools out of all the hard-working people who show up for work each day even when they are not feeling great," the so-called insider insisted. "The show's producers are livid about this latest stunt. For months producers have been begging Wendy to record a short message addressing fans."

"What is she doing? She needs to be working with the people at her show, not going rogue on her own," the source continued. The insider also believed that Wendy, who has been absent from her daytime show since last September due to her health issues, "is surrounding herself by people giving her bad advice."

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