Yella Beezy Wins Internet Over His Sweet Reaction to Fake Gucci Gifts From Grandmother

The 'That's On Me' rapper proudly wears the Gucci belt and watch he got from his beloved elderly relative on Christmas even though they were counterfeit products.

AceShowbiz - Yella Beezy was praised for his reaction to the Christmas gifts given by his grandmother. The rapper received a Gucci belt and watch from his elderly relative. The problem was they were both counterfeit products, according to the hip-hop artist.

"Whoever sold my granny this fake Gucci belt and watch count your f**king days [fist] [laughing, crying face]," so the Texas-born star revealed to his 2-million followers on Instagram on Christmas holiday.

Despite the belt and watch being fake, the "That's On Me" lyricist proudly wore them and showed them off to his online devotees in his new pictures.

"My granny was just tryna buy her baby some for Christmas and they Janked her lol … that's alright because I'm still wearing them," he penned before adding, "So if y'all see me out tonight just know i got on my double Gs fr my 'Granny Gift' with 30k in my pockets."

While he was grateful, he still warned his beloved grandma about swindlers to prevent her from getting scammed again, "I told her you cant be buying stuff from ppl out the nail shop you have to go to the actual designer store to get this type stuff. But idc I'm GRATEFUL & Love you to the moon and back!!"

"It's the thought that matters," he concluded. "Merry Christmas."

Fans and friends were quick to flood his comment sections with equally heartwarming reactions to his story.

"Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood" star Masika Kalysha sang him a praise, "Fly af." Jim Jones agreed, "Life is good ain't nothin like granny." Lil' Kim exclaimed, "yoooooo I'm crineeeee! Count cha f**kin days foo foo mannnn !!" along with a bunch of crying, laughing emojis.

Similar comments from fans read, "This is actually really sweet! Lol I would cherish these forever! Granny's are everything," "It might be fake but her intention was real!" and "Lmfaoooo. I know Grandma thought she was catching a sale you know how they be."

Another joked, "Granny gone whoop yo a** if yu dnt wear her gift," while an individual claimed, "I couldn't even tell it was fake."

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