Asian Doll Adamant to Go On With Indian-Themed Party Despite Backlash

The 'Barbie Everywhere' femcee is called out for being 'ignorant' and accused of cultural appropriation after announcing her plans to throw a Bollywood-themed party for her birthday.

AceShowbiz - Asian Doll a.k.a. Asian Da Brat is seemingly not afraid of cancel culture. Having come under fire for her plans to throw an Indian-themed birthday party, the rapper continues to promote the event despite the barrage of critics coming at her.

"I have 3 flyers with 3 different songs," Asian tweeted on Monday, November 29. "you b***hes are in my mentions d**k eating about a party that is 10000% gonna still happen & we are gonna have soooooooo muck f**king fun."

The 24-year-old also retweeted another user's tweet that read, "unbothered is the definition of asian." When another mocked her for using an Arab song instead of an Indian song, she insisted, "Nawl b***h the music still the same & so is the theme you b***hes not stopping s**t."

Asian earlier announced on both Instagram Story and Twitter her plans to hold an Indian-themed party to celebrate her upcoming birthday. "I'm having an INDIAN THEME PARTY," she wrote on her Story. "I'm at this Indian restaurant what should I order everything look nasty."

The party is going to take place on Tuesday, November 7, the day she turns 25 years old, in a location that is still kept a secret, in Atlanta, Ga. "Theme: Bollywood (MUST DRESS FOR THE THEME)," she added on Twitter, before teasing, "WE FINNA GOOO CRAZY!!"

Learning of Asian's plans, many were left fuming. "At this point can't nobody save Asian doll… sis is relentless," one person reacted. Another blasted the Dallas native, "She's just an ignorant mf."

"You should not be using another race as an alter ego lmao," someone reminded her. A fourth called her out, "Asian doll really has the IQ of a room temperature…nothing but grass and wind noises in there."

"How is Asian Doll going to have a 'Indian' theme party which is so ignorant. But was just saying Indian food looked/tasted disgusting? Now I feel like the culture is a joke to her," a fifth person pointed out. One other mocked her, "LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL theme Bollywood music Arabic. [W]hy are some americans dense and this culturally unaware????"

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