DaniLeigh Shares New Photos of Her Daughter After Slamming DaBaby for Showing the Baby's Face

Celebrating her first Thanksgiving as a mother, the 'Breakfast Can Wait' singer says she is 'thankful' for her baby girl after a heated and public argument with her baby daddy.

AceShowbiz - DaniLeigh is no longer hiding her daughter from public. Over a week after calling out DaBaby for showing their child's face for the first time on social media, the R&B singer has unveiled new photos of the adorable baby girl.

On Thursday, November 25, the mother of one made use of her Instagram page to share the pictures showing a clear look at the infant's face. In the images, the supposedly 3-month-old baby was smiling while being wrapped in a white towel.

Marking her first Thanksgiving as a mother, the 26-year-old songstress revealed what she's thankful for this holiday season as she captioned the snaps simply with "Thankful" and a white heart emoji.

DaniLeigh secretly gave birth to her first child with DaBaby in August. During her recent argument with her baby daddy, she slammed the "Suge" hitmaker for showing their child's face for the first time on social media.

"Got to take care of them kids, imma take care of them kids… whatever come with it come with it. Daddy first and then everything after, now remember that," he said, as he rocked the cooing baby on his Instagram Story.

He also accused DaniLeigh's parents of disowning their half-black grandchild. "Y'all disowned y'all half black grand baby soon as y'all couldn't control y'all daughter," he said as he posted a close-up look at him and his daughter.

DaniLeigh later responded by saying, "Sad.. that's how y'all had to see my baby for the first time … evil a** man."

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh's sister spoke up to deny DaBaby's claim that the "Breakfast Can Wait" singer's family "disowned" their daughter. "I never wanted to get involved because that's not the type of person I am but you can never say we 'disowned' the baby. I've loved her since the day she found out she was pregnant," she wrote. "Collecting photos, planning the baby shower (that you didn't come to), and making sure she was mentally stable without you there. I know my truth and you know yours."

She added, "It's very sad that one day in the future the little baby will know this whole problem and what he did to her mother and how he humiliated her. I would never wish this situation on anyone, this is something that no one should have gone through."

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