Candace Owens Gives Over $200K Check to Police Officer Who's Fired After Supporting Kyle Rittenhouse

Lt. William Kelly was terminated from the Norfolk Police Department earlier this year after he anonymously donated $25 to Rittenhouse's defense fund using his department-issued email address.

AceShowbiz - Candace Owens has raised a huge amount of money for a police officer who's fired after supporting Kyle Rittenhouse. As Lt. William Kelly appeared in the Monday, November 22 episode of her show "Candace", the conservative pundit gave him a giant check for $202,000.

"I am so grateful for our police officers," Owens said. "I can't even imagine especially in today's political climate knowing that you're fighting for justice and you have an entire ecosystem of horrible people that are constantly fighting against you, fighting to defund you, telling you you're not allowed to exist unless you side with narratives that are actually lies. So this just makes me so happy."

Before handing out the check, Owens noted that her initial goal was $100,000. However, by the time she presented the check to the former police officer, she said it had surpassed $245,000. Owens then jokingly told Kelly, "I don't care how you spend it.. but I do hope you sue the city."

Kelly was terminated from the Norfolk Police Department in April after he anonymously donated $25 to Rittenhouse's defense fund. He reportedly used his department-issued email address when making the donation. Since then, his family of five used their savings and his wife's salary as a school teacher to survive.

Owens herself has been vocal of her support for Rittenhouse. After the teen was acquitted on murder charges on November 19, the political commentator celebrated it by mocking LeBron James, who previously poked fun at Rittenhouse for crying during a trial.

At that time, the 32-year-old activist made use of her Twitter account to share a meme of crying James with Rittenhouse appearing to wipe the athlete's tears. Her followers loved the image, with one noting, "I like this. He's crying all the time." Another penned, "Love this."

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