Halsey: Being A Mother Makes Being A Musician Seem Pretty Boring

Months after welcoming her first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin, the 'Without Me' hitmaker brags that her baby boy thinks she is 'perfect and great and everything.'

AceShowbiz - Halsey can't get excited about music anymore now she's a mum, because being around baby Ender Ridley is the best part of their day.

The singer - who uses she/they pronouns - welcomed their first child with boyfriend Alev Aydin in July 2021, and Halsey admits she's so glad new album "If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power" dropped before the birth - so she can focus on being a parent.

"I'm glad we got to make this album when we did because being a mother to my son makes being a musician seem pretty boring," she told Billboard, adding "nothing matters" when she goes home.

"Something really amazing happened when I did have my son, which is the absolute, glorious eradication and death of my ego," Halsey explained. "Nothing matters when I go home to him. He thinks I'm perfect and great and everything."

Halsey isn't experiencing any "parental guilt" yet, but knows that will be a "whole other beast to tackle" when the time comes to leave Ender for work.

The singer told the magazine, "The beauty of that is that it means I'm going to create when I want to. Hopefully, that means that whatever I make is going to be something that I'm just burning to get out there. Because the only expectation I have for myself is to be a really good mom, and the rest will fall into place around that."

On Twitter earlier this month (October 2021), Halsey revealed she was suffering from guilt at times, and admitted to being "terrified" about not living up to their own "expectations" of parenthood.

She wrote, "I feel guilty for working I feel guilty when I'm not working. I'm terrified I'll always struggle to live up to my own expectations. But I have also experienced love unlike any other and have finally learned how to ask for help and admit when I'm lonely or in need."

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