Chloe Bailey Reveals 'Best Advice' From Beyonce

During her appearance on 'The Tamron Hall Show', the 'Have Mercy' singer also discusses her body and how it affects her image, saying, 'Even today, I struggle with my weight.'

AceShowbiz - Chloe Bailey opened up about a lot of things on "The Tamron Hall Show". The "Have Mercy" singer talked about separating from her sister Halle Berry as well as the "best advice" from her mentor Beyonce Knowles.

"My sister got the role of Ariel and I'm so proud of her and with that, she had to go to London for about eight months and you know it almost turned into two years because of the pandemic so with that we were separated," Chloe shared about her sister as well as her Chloe X Halle groupmate. "It was really hard for the both of us, we had separation anxiety."

She went on to say, "We both knew one day we would do our own projects we just didn't know it would come so fast. We're not twins but we operated like we were."

Chloe then discussed how she started to create her own music to deal with the separation. While she eventually felt confident to release it, she still felt anxious about it. "I had to do a lot of soul searching. I had to talk to myself a lot and remind myself that my voice is special and what I have to say matters because I did have a bit of separation anxiety where I was like 'Am I even good on my own?' " so Chloe told host Tamron Hall. "I was even doubting my singing voice and my ability to perform because I love to perform, I love to dance, so there was a lot of that."

During the interview. the singer also talked about her body and how it affected her image. "This is the best feeling… when beautiful women of all ages come up to me and say you inspire me to be more confident in my body. That means everything because you don't know how long it's even taken me to feel confident in this skin I am in," she admitted. "Even today, I struggle with my weight - all of that - so the version that people see of me where they think I'm ultra-confident is not me on daily."

"I'm 23 now and I'm growing into my own. Even though I have a baby face and on the inside, I feel like a child, but on stage, I feel like the grown woman that I am and I think for me, I've always been in tune with myself and I'm insecure a lot of times but I've always loved my backside and my curves and who I am as a woman," she continued. "And I think it is so special and important for women to admire themselves, and believe in who they are and not wait for the world to tell them they're beautiful and special."

Elsewhere in the interview, Chloe shared the best advice she got from her mentor Beyonce. "To trust my gut. and that what I feel matters and what I believe in matters. And I always love her because she never tries to force her opinion on my sister and I," she revealed.

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