Miguel and Nazanin Mandi Split After Nearly 2 Decades Together

According to their spokesperson, the 'Sky Walker' crooner and 'The Platinum Life' actress decide to go separate ways after 17 years together but they still 'wish each other well.'

AceShowbiz - Miguel and Nazanin Mandi have confirmed that they are going separate ways. The pair, who had tied the knot in 2018, announced that their relationship came to an end on Monday, September 27.

Announcing their split was a spokesperson for the former couple. In a statement to PEOPLE, the representative said, "After 17 years together, Miguel and Nazanin Mandi have decided to separate and have been for some time now." Despite their separation, the rep further stressed that "the couple both wish each other well."

Miguel and Nazanin first met when they were 18 years old in 2005, long before he signed his first record deal and she began her modelling career. Nazanin once shared that she'd asked if he had a girlfriend, to which he responded, "No, but I'm looking for one," and the two traded numbers. "Ever since then, it's been one hell of a ride," she said.

Miguel and Nazanin then started dating and stayed together. The twosome, who dated for 10 years before getting engaged in 2016, was married at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California in November 2018.

Before exchanging their vows, Miguel opened up about his thoughts on marriage, explaining he viewed the union as a serious step and wanted to make sure he was "solid" enough to handle it. "The thing is, you got to know who you are as a person, first of all," he told Hot 97 in 2015.

"I think I've come so far as a man and I'm just starting to feel solid where I can be like, 'You know what? I think I can hold this down legitimately'. I think now people throw things around like marriage. I just wasn't raised like that," the "Sky Walker" singer added. "I just follow my instincts. I think she's learned that and she's had to adjust and had to learn and also embrace. And I love her more for that."

Earlier this year, Nazanin opened up about how she and Miguel managed through months of COVID-19 quarantine. "We were used to being around each other a lot, but then we were also used to traveling a lot," so said the "Dreamcatcher (2021)" actress in March.

Nazanin further shared that they needed to find new things amid the pandemic to keep the "spark alive." She explained, "So keeping the spark alive was definitely something we had to stay on -- because when you're in different cities, it's automatic to feel excitement [when you see each other again]."

"But being home [together] all the time, it's like, 'Okay, we have to find new things to watch and to do and to read,' " Nazanin continued. "It was a lot, but overall, we did great. I have no complaints and I am grateful for everything."

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