Julianne Moore Follows Mother's Footsteps in Encouraging Her Children to Take Mental Health Day

When speaking to Kelly Clarkson on her daytime talk show, the 'Dear Evan Hansen' actress explains why the movie about anxious high schooler struggling to fit really resonates with her.

AceShowbiz - Julianne Moore encourages her kids to take "mental health days", because her mum did the same for her when she was a child.

The Oscar winner stars in upcoming movie "Dear Evan Hansen", as the mother of anxious high schooler Evan, played by Ben Platt, who really struggles to fit in at high school - and the movie's themes really resonate with her.

"My mother was a psychiatric social worker and so she would say to us when we were very little that it was okay to take a mental health day," Julianne tells pop singer Kelly Clarkson on the Thursday, September 16 episode of her U.S. daytime talk show, "The Kelly Clarkson Show".

"[She'd say], 'If you don't feel like going to school if it's too much for you today, then you can take a mental health day,' which was kind of revolutionary when I was growing up, right?"

As a result, Julianne learned early on in life to take care of herself from head to toe - and it's a lesson she has passed on her two children with director husband Bart Freundlich, Caleb, 23, and Liv, 19.

"So I think that [mental health] was something I had an awareness of early and I've tried to impart that to my children too - that mental health is a part of well-being," the 60-year-old actress adds.

"I think any time you can reiterate that, [and] this movie is so important in terms of that message, it's something we all have to be concerned about."

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