Fat Joe's 'Snitch' Title Is Removed by Cuban Link: 'It's Forgiven'

In a new video shared on his social media platform, the Cuban native rapper admits that there is a part of him that is 'happy' upon learning that the 'All the Way Up' hitmaker 'was telling the truth.'

AceShowbiz - The feud between Fat Joe and Cuban Link has come to an end. After Joe defended himself following a snitching accusation by Link, Link concluded that Joe "is not a snitch" in his statement.

"So, enough time has gone by," he began saying in a video he shared on his Instagram page on Thursday, September 2. "It's time, the word is out, whatever it is, it's childish s**t. But the Joe situation and the paperwork, it was explained that I got it from Star. Star, if you go to his channel, you'll see all the s**t that's going on."

Link continued, "[Star] was the one that set it off. He was actually getting mad that it wasn't putting my name out there instead of him." He then admitted, "I just shouted him out in everything I did because he's the one who broke the story."

Link then explained he wanted to see if the paperwork "was real or not" and said he "hoped it was fake." After speaking to Joe about the allegations and not hearing from the other party involved, he was led to believe that the "All the Way Up" hitmaker "was telling the truth."

"So the paperwork as it stands, it's forgiven. I'm glad that I did not get put on by no fake rat n***a, so there's a part of me that is happy. Besides that, I did my own homework and it leads to dead ends," Link said. He further stressed, "[Joe]'s not a rat. He's not a snitch. The paperwork is fake … The truth right now as it stands, he cleared his name."

In the caption of his nearly 8-minute video, Link showed that he appreciates Joe for defending himself and telling the truth. "When you show face and face the fire and your opponent doesn't can only mean that you are telling the truth about what you saying and I must give you your just due," he wrote.

"Even enemies can salute another enemy for stand up behavior," Link added. "Well I know I could wish they could do the same in many situations I stood up for ..but hey this is just me being who I am … salute to the truth and the real."

Link first accused Joe of snitching as saying, "Fat joe exposed on snitching charges." He went on adding, "Big shout out to Star for reporting the truth and keeping it [100] percent across the board!!! Now you might understand why I couldn't get along with that animal but I guess let's wait for the authenticity of this here paperwork."

Upon learning the allegations, Joe defended himself by saying that Link was telling lies. "When the HATE don't work they start telling lies," the 51-year-old wrote alongside his photo.

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