Draya Michele Under Fire Over Alleged Sweatshop

Fans think that the former 'Basketball Wives' star willingly shares an evidence of her running a sweatshop when she brags about her being busy while other people are enjoying vacay.

AceShowbiz - It's a flex post gone wrong. On Wednesday, August 5, Draya Michele shared with her Instagram followers that she continued working hard while other people are enjoying their summer vacations overseas.

The model-turned-businesswoman posted on Instagram Story a bird's eye view of factory workers in front of sewing machines. The picture also featured a piles of fabric and clothing surrounded the workers of her Mint Swim brand. Over the picture, the former "Basketball Wives" star wrote, "Everyone's in europe and i'm just here ceo-ing."

While Draya seemingly wanted to show everyone her busy life, fans noticed another thing on the picture. Many Internet users accused Draya of running a sweatshop and demanded to know how much the workers were being paid.

"I wanna know how much she's paying them. She should've kept this weird insensitive post to herself," a critic wrote on Twitter. "My GOD draya is truly just dumb af lmfaoo girl that's a SWEATSHOP," another fan said.

One other tweeted, "Draya making sure they making no kewchie space in them swimsuits." Taking a dig at the reality TV star, someone else said, "Draya is slower than frozen molasses omg." Another comment, meanwhile, read, "Not Draya giving visual evidence of a potential sweat shop operation then in words saying she partially responsible and affiliated."

"Draya Michele really posted a pic of a CLEAR SWEATSHOP and her stupid a** said she's 'Ceo-ing' Calling her a f**king moron is too nice of a phrase for her Tweety bird looking a**," a user shaded the star.

Someone else also listed other controversies surrounding Draya. "i swear to Joseph & Mary, Draya likes to be dragged. She loved displaying her misguided parenting skills; her lack of critical thinking; and the fact she can't read subtitles and watch a movie at the same time. Ma'am, just be pretty. Please. This is sweat shop, baby," the person noted, referring to Draya's controversial Instagram post about subtitles of "Parasite" and her complaining about her son's homework.

Draya has yet to respond to the accusations.

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