Emma Roberts Careful Not to Overshare on 'Dark and Polarizing' Internet

The 'Scream Queens' actress tries to keep her social media posts 'limited to books or fashion or vacations' as she's not too concerned about how many likes or followers she gets.

AceShowbiz - Emma Roberts is being selective with her social media posts but is celebrating a funny viral reaction to a recent video.

Roberts' 24 July (21) Instagram clip of herself at the beach - where she laughs, sticks her tongue out, and flips her hair - spiralled into a Twitter meme referencing a sentimental flashback video a tormented movie hero might have made about his now-dead wife.

She responded by thanking "gays and whoever else" made the video so popular.

The new mum, who gave birth to her first child Rhodes with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund in December (20), loves sharing elements of her life with her friends, family and fans on her social networking sites, but is mindful not to overshare.

"We live our whole lives online now," she told Bustle. "Sharing on social media has always been something that I've loved, but I always err on the lesser side because you can't take back anything you've shared online. Even when a post is taken down, it still lives somewhere."

When the "Scream Queens" star does post pictures, she focuses on the positive.

"I try to keep it limited to books or fashion or vacations. The internet can be such a dark and polarizing place, so my corner of the internet I try to keep lighthearted and fun, because that's what I like to see on Instagram."

She added she's not too concerned with how many followers she has online, "After the pandemic, I feel like I don't need fans, I need friends!"

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