Olga Kurylenko on Harvey Weinstein's Sex Assault Case: I Don't Consider Myself a Victim

Recalling her run-in with the disgraced movie mogul, the 'Quantum of Solace' actress explains why she was not 'mentally disturbed' after he tried something with her.

AceShowbiz - Olga Kurylenko doesn't consider herself a "victim" of Harvey Weinstein, because she managed to push the producer off when he tried to embrace her.

The "Quantum of Solace" actress opened up to Britain's Country and Town House magazine about her run-in with the disgraced movie mogul, who is currently serving 23 years for two felony sex crime convictions in New York, and also stands accused of sexually assaulting five different women in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles over the course of a decade.

"I've never talked about that because, to be honest, I don't consider myself a victim," she told the publication of her encounter with Weinstein. "He tried something and, yes, I was cautious. There was a verbal exchange and I told him no, then he tried to pull me into an embrace and I pushed him off and found a way to get out of there."

Olga continued to insist she wasn't "mentally disturbed" afterwards about what could have happened because she's "very strong inside."

"And maybe I was used to men trying their luck," she added. "It wasn't the first time. I didn't care if I never worked with him. There are a million productions I could be a part of, so why did I need him?"

Olga also refused to be dependent on men to have a better life. "I saw too many girls back home who were dating men they didn't like, just to have a flat of their own or clothes or food on the table. I remember thinking, 'I will never depend on a man.' I'd sleep on the streets before I did that. I knew I had to make it on my own," she explained.

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