Safaree Samuels Claims 'LHH: Atlanta' Edits Audio During Scene When His Baby Falls

In a new episode of the show, the TV personality is having a conversation with his now-estranged wife Erica Mena in the studio when their daughter Saphire falls and a guitar lands on her.

AceShowbiz - Safaree Samuels received backlash after "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" aired its recent episode on Monday, July 26. In the said episode, the rapper was seen laughing and doing nothing when her baby girl fell with a guitar on top of her.

Safaree was having a conversation with his now-estranged wife Erica Mena in the studio when Saphire fell and a guitar landed on her. As the tot cried, Erica, who was pregnant at the time, quickly left her seat to her daughter's rescue. Safaree, meanwhile, only stood and watched things unfolded without trying to help.

As if that was enough, Safaree was heard laughing at the situation. "Safaree, pick her up, you idiot," Erica snapped. "What's your problem? I'm picking up your f**king guitar."

After Erica calmed the crying baby down, she continued confronting her husband. "What a d**khead move of you. ... You're laughing at her instead of picking her up," she said, to which Safaree responded, "It was funny."

In a confessional, Erica revealed, "I'm completely angry. I just feel like everything he puts up himself to be in the beginning is nothing what you really are."

Following the episode, Safaree received backlash over how he reacted to the mishap. "F**k I don't even like this n***aaaa no more after this s**t. This ain't funny at all. Those his kids wtf his daughter like come on man. I'm off this n***aaa," one Internet user wrote in an Instagram comment.

"Yea ion like how he be acting like wasn't be obsessed with her before she actually gave him a chance," another fan added. Noting that things could go wrong, a person opined, "he a straight clown she could've had damage done to her head."

Another comment read, "I don't think Safaree has ever been a compassionate person despite being raised around all women." Someone then questioned, "What the f**k is wrong with him literally."

Safaree, however, defended himself, insinuating that he wasn't actually laughing. Alluding that VH1 manipulated the audio, the rapper wrote in the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram post, "Damnn the voice over for this scene almost made it seem real." Still, fans didn't really believe his claim.

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