James Charles

A number of celebrities have been forced to lay low and halt their careers after their images are tarnished due to various controversies in these past five months.

AceShowbiz - James Charles went from one of highest-earning YouTubers to making zero money from the platform. It was all after he faced multiple allegations of inappropriate texting with minors. In February, a 16-year-old TikTok user claimed the beauty guru sent photographs and pressured him into inappropriate conversation on Snapchat. The influencer quickly issued a denial on Twitter, writing, "The accusation that I have groomed this person is completely false."

After another boy, a 15-year-old, shared on TikTok screenshots from conversations and photos he had exchanged with James, the 21-year-old posted a video titled "Holding Myself Accountable" in which he admitted to his guilt. While he insisted that he thought the boys were both 18 or older, he said, "There are no excuses for them and I don't plan on making any." As he was taking a break from social media to "further reflect and educate myself on these topics," YouTube decided to temporarily demonetize his channel, which means turning off the ads that play in videos or preventing content from being recommended.

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