Armie Hammer
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A number of celebrities have been forced to lay low and halt their careers after their images are tarnished due to various controversies in these past five months.

AceShowbiz - Armie Hammer was heading into 2021 with so much positivity and ambition, tweeting, "2021 is going to kneel down before me and kiss my feet because this year I'm the boss," but little did he know that this year would bring him more bad lucks than last year. When his personal DMs in which he described sexual fantasies involving rape and cannibalism were leaked in the very first month of the year, it was only the beginning of expose of his alleged abuses.

A former girlfriend claimed he branded her by carving his initial "A" into her pelvis, and another said that he had been emotionally abusive, reporting that he said he wanted to eat her flesh, and would suck or lick her wounds if she had "a little cut on [her] hand." "The Social Network" actor dropped out of several projects, namely "Shotgun Wedding" and drama series "The Offer", and was dropped by his talent agency WME, but that was not the end. While he has been laying low in the Cayman Islands, the LAPD confirmed that he is under investigation for sexual assault since February, though his legal team has denied all allegations.

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